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Roadstar won’t start.

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  • Roadstar won’t start.

    Hello everyone.
    I have been lurking for some time and decided to join.
    Here is a super long first post to get things started...
    i have recently taken over the care of my partners 2008 roadstar Silverado with less than 3000 miles. This poor bike has basically sat in our garage for 10 years with very little use. I regularly ride my own bike, but occasionally try to show The Yamaha some love. While doing routine maintenance on my sportster I fired up the roadstar and put proper air in the tires. I took it for a slow ride around the block to test the tires and see how it was running. It seemed ok, but slow to start. Afterwards I parked it and put it back on its battery tender. The battery is 18 months old. A couple of days later I decided to change out the calipers on my bike and had extra brake fluid left over. I know the rs had 10 year old brake fluid so I bled and refilled the brakes. I took it for a low speed ride around the block and parked it. It seemed hard to start and I figured it was a good time to replace the oil and either ride it or sell it. I rinsed it off before parking it with the battery tender. The next day I hit the parts store and got my oil, filter etc. I got everything ready to go and wanted to start the rs for a minute to warm the oil a bit for better drainage. The bike would not start.
    Bike is in neutral and neutral light is on. Clutch switch on handlebar seem to be working. Kickstand switch seems to be working and many attempts have been made with it up and down. Neutral switch seems to be working. Kill switch seems to be working and is in correct position.
    the bike will turn over but it will not fire.
    the speedo does it’s thing when the ignition is on and I can hear the fuel pump priming the injection.
    Here is what I have done so far.
    Removed the gas tank and dumped the old gas. I flushed the tank of sludge and a little rust granules with denatured alcohol. Added fresh gas.
    Tried to jumpstart it with my other battery.
    Checked the fuses under the side cover.
    Looked for any loose lines.
    I replaced the spark plugs with factory spec pre gapped just in case.
    Now my oil is starting to smell like gas. I guess from all of the failed attempts fuel is draining out of the cylinders into the crankcase? I have checked the coil and I am getting spark.
    Could the injectors be clogged to the point of failure?
    I’m out of ideas and would welcome any advice

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    Rule one. Do not touch the throttle during cranking. Got any starting fluid? Doesn’t take much.

    If it does fire off, go ride it for awhile and blow the cobwebs out of it.


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      havent Tried starting fluid yet.


      • Bikerron
        Bikerron commented
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        If that doesn’t get it going, I’d drop the FI pump in the tank and check the fuel strainer mounted to it.

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      from Athens, Georgia.

      Try pulling the plugs & spinning the motor over to make sure the plugs are firing.
      I have a '00 & an '04 R/S (both carb'ed). Also have an '06 Strat (F/I). The Strat has never failed to start, so I'm at a bit of a loss with this situation.
      I love the smell of smoked pork in the morning !


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        I remember River saying something about having to crack the throttle slightly when he had trouble starting his, and possibly flooding it. I'm not real sure of the details. I can't remember if there was something in the owners manual, or if he got the tip from the dealer. I think it involved cold weather starting, when it didn't pop right off the first couple of tries. I think Deerkiller knows about it also. IIRC, he experienced something similar.


        • Brad_G
          Brad_G commented
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          I've had to do that on some very cold mornings (35 degree) with my FI R*.

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        The first thing you do when something, anything doesnt want to start is squirt some starter fluid or brake cleaner, i like brake cleaner better because its not as volatile as starter fluid. Also if it is flooded brake cleaner will dry the spark plug. It doesnt take much though... just a little squirt.
        i have saved years of diagnostic time using this method


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          I have pulled the fuel pump which looked surprisingly clean. There is no apparent filter on it and none shown in the service manual. I cleaned it as good as I could and it seems to be working.
          i have not tried starter fluid because I always associated it with carbed engines. I guess I can remove the air filter, open the throttle and spray some into the throttle body? Would it be better to remove a plug and spray into the cylinder?


          • Bikerron
            Bikerron commented
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            The fuel strainer is embedded in the plastic housing between the pump motor and base.

            Those cylinders don’t know the difference between carbs and fuel injectors when it comes time to fire the fuel/air mixture it just inhaled. Don’t spray the starter fluid until you start cranking, and it’s done in short bursts for the best results.

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          If I remember correctly there are small filters on top of the inlet tubes (on and reserve) from the petcock inside the tank. As far as starting, maybe the small slow rides are not enough to fully charge your battery and its doomed. Make sure your other battery has the capacity (cca) to start it up. If not, will only click upon starter button. Ohh and probably be best to change the oil if you know for sure fuel has been in there.


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            No petcock on the EFI bikes. I also tried jumping the bike off (carefully)with the truck. Bike is not clicking - it is turning over. It just will not fire.


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              Just give it a shot in the intake.
              I’d also pull a plug, and see if it is gas soaked.
              I wouldn’t be shy about cracking the throttle slightly either.
              Maybe Texasscott will see this, or Shores.
              Why all the Fuelies have skipped this thread, is a mystery.


              • Bikerron
                Bikerron commented
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                Mine’s a Fuelie, and, as I mentioned, all those sensors hate it when someone messes with the throttle during a starting sequence.

              • SKWEARpeg
                SKWEARpeg commented
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                My bad on that. I don’t know why. You’ve even mentioned it before. I’ll say a dozen Hail Yammies, and never make the same mistake. I’ll stand by what I said though, regarding situations where the FI bikes end up in a flooded or won’t start situation. It only stuck in my head, because it was so counter to what the accepted rule for FI bikes was.
                River ran into it, and had to talk to the techs at the dealer where he purchased is FI bike.

                Now, is that what’s going on here, and would it help....

                *Poster shrugs his shoulders*

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              I will pull a plug and check it out for wetness. I’ll also pick up some starter fluid and try that. The air intake is such a pita to take off, I think I’m gonna modify it for easier removal.
              I’m considering pulling the injectors but trying to avoid going that far into it. That’s why my original question was could they be clogged to the point of failure?


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                I’ve seen fuel strainers choked to death from the same crap you mentioned pouring from the tank.

                No need to pull the air filter. Spritz the starter fluid through the same orifice the engine gets its air. (Look for the air intake inlet of the filter housing)

                Get some Seafoam gas treatment while you’re out, too.


                • SKWEARpeg
                  SKWEARpeg commented
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                  I’ll second the Seafoam. It’s as great for FI stuff, as it is for carbed bikes.
                  Especially in situations where a bike is run very little, or even less for long periods.
                  Today’s gas sucks.

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                I wouldn't want to try to diagnose an FI bike without the manual. It shows how to put the system in diagnostic mode and in one of the tests you can hear whether or not the injectors are working. I'd buy or borrow a 2008 manual. By the way, what voltage does the battery drop to while cranking? Shouldn't make any difference since you tried to jump it off - just curious.
                Scott B.


                • Sshows
                  Sshows commented
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                  I do have a manual and plan on spending some time with it this evening.
                  I was not aware that it has info on diagnostic mode.
                  P.S no idea on the battery voltage, hence the reason for the jumpstart.

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                What’s the procedure to check plug spark so you don’t fry the coils? Don’t wanna do that. Tie that sucka behind a truck and pull it in 2nd gear? Never had that issue with my fuelie. To make the intake cover easier to remove, just remove the two screws on the back side of the box and only use the long one on the center of the cover on the outside. Only time I’ve had starting issues is when using 20-50 oil in the winter. If it’s been sitting a while, maybe the oil is gunk.


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                  I know on most efi cars if you want to unflood it you crank it with the throttle wide open. Ive done that dozens of times regardless of what "experts" say. the first step is to spray it with brake cleaner


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                    Ok, thanks for all the comments.
                    I was at Walmart earlier and picked up a new battery tender to replace a dead one and I also picked up a can of starter fluid.
                    I've somehow pulled a muscle in my chest and don't feel like moving cars and motorcycles this evening. I think I will hit it tomorrow morning before it gets so dang hot. In the meantime I'm gonna spend some time this evening studying the service manual for the diognostic info texasscott1 mentioned.
                    Wish me luck!


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                      Good luck!


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                        I’m still waiting to see what happens. Don’t have any advice that hasn’t already been given. I’d do the starter fluid thing and see what happens before anything else.

                        Just saw this thread tonight cause I’m hit and miss around here. Especially this time of year. I am in a new relationship that’s way better than you bunch of dudes, lol.

                        Good battery, don’t touch the throttle, little shot of starter fluid (little!) and see what happens. Good chance something is plugged up with junk gas but if it isn’t here in my shop, it’s tough to diagnose.


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                          Good Morning everyone!
                          Last night while reading the owners manual I came across a bit of information I was not aware of.
                          I thought that I had checked all of the fuses, but it turns out that the injector fuses are located in the OTHER side cover. Boy did I feel dumb. It was bed time when I discovered this and I could barely sleep last night knowing I must have figured out the issue.
                          I checked the fuse this morning and it looked perfect. I replaced it anyway.
                          I tried the starter fluid and nothing. The bike cranks and cranks but will not fire off.
                          I pulled the back left spark plug and it was wet with gas. I also verified that it produces a spark while it was out.
                          I need to continue my education with the service manual and the diagnostic mode.
                          No more time to fool with it today. Maybe tomorrow.
                          I have looked at this forum and others looking for insight into this issue and there are some posts but I am surprised at the small amount of info concerning the injectors specifically.
                          I also see plenty of conflicting info, but for the record I usually do not open the throttle during start-up, but have tried it a few times with this issue when all else has failed.
                          Either way seems to make no difference.
                          I'm not sure if it is worth pulling the injectors or not.
                          That is a job I have never done and I feel like I am just adding another variable into the equation if I end up having to trailer this puppy to the dealer.
                          I don't want to be that guy who fixed his motorcycle beyond repair...

                          Thanks for all the comments.
                          It is nice to join a forum and feel like folks are trying to help! Nothing worse than throwing something out there and being met with silence.


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                            That sucks! You don’t see a lot of info here re fuelies because they rarely have issues. Tons of carbonation threads though! Read this thread below.



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