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02 roadstar transmission problems

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    Bike cooled noticed clutch was too loose and turned adjustment all the way in then moved lever about 2 teeth

    Adjusted clutch and had odd squishy feeling, road 40 Miles and was out of adjustment again and had grabbing hesitation at slow speed with noise like bearing going out, I was pushing or pulling shaft in more and more every adjustment messing up bearing travel

    Bearing = grinding noise deep in transmission

    Basket was moving with everything on shaft because clip was no longer holding stuff in place
    Will machine grove's and put in stronger clips if shaft and gears ok

    Big bore kit kinda on my to do list but last Yamaha I will ever own and no longer considered safe or reliable

    lost internet while posting and had to start another thread


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      The shaft on my front pulley sticks out more past the nut at the end than your does? Yours looks flush. Have you check the torque on the nut? If it got loose and wobbled the shaft, it will trash the bearing behind the pulley. Ask me how I know? When the pulley is loose it will cause shifting issues!


      • MikeyC
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        I thought there should be more shaft sticking out of there. That is probably where the noise is coming from.

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      Click image for larger version

Name:	20220411_092700.jpg
Views:	138
Size:	1.31 MB
ID:	139665 Also the pulley is on backwards, not sure if it matters? But the manual say's the the raised center faces in.


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        These bike are pretty much bullet proof. Too tight on the drive belt can cause bearing wear in the center drive, wiggle and turn the belt drive pulley, get the belt off of it and check it out. Also, check the clutch pull lever shaft for proper orientation as well as orientation of the pull lever when assembled.
        It's not that life is so short, it's just that you're dead for so long.---unknown.


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          $17.00 for new bearing will be in end of week
          bearing will NOT stop shaft from moving

          Retaining clips on the shaft that holds the clutch basket IS the problem

          If the pulley gear was slipping there would be wear marks noticable and the hesitation would be different

          15% ethanol mixture in gas instead of 10 will be gumming up your carburator regardless of how you drive, avoid pump gas with ethanol mixture above 10% the government gas just approved higher mixture

          Please re read post, edit if need be and make a sticky. Recalled for transmission fix or not running car tire on this motorcycle not recommended and may have over worked the transmission, moved retaining clips that hold things in place on the shaft

          everything has been inspected or replaced and placing a screwdriver or stethoscope on anything not needed when sound is so loud

          Rear tire off the ground and hesitation is internal, if pulley was slipping the back and forth motion would likely stop

          Car tire and drag = next to 0

          Car tire and grip = 100%

          Hesitation or poping and skipping at 90 with 100% grip at rear tire and transmission retaining clips IS A REAL PROBLEM

          Gear splines ARE NOT THE WEAKEST POINT


          Experience and approach to problems and removing any doubt, I know the sound of piston rod retaining


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            Lost internet again and had to log in again

            Me no stupid
            Please make this a sticky

            Car tire on this year roadstar not wise , transmission retaining clips are the weakest point and transmission could lock up without notice


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              Piston wrist pin slap because of retaining pin not staying in place, I know what that sounds like

              And so much more,,,


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                Keep losing internet and no edit feature I'm aware of

                The US government has approved changing percentage of ethanol from 10% to 15%

                Ethanol is the film or grit that made my motorcycle spit and bog down at speed , backfire when passing on interstate

                Pump gas that is not always the same grade, could tell when I stopped and filled up , changed the way motorcycle ran

                Additive or injection cleaner helps but things clog up and must be cleaned

                This motorcycle carb and bad gas no fun
                Today's gas different , have seen boat pistons damaged by today's gas

                Know a little about mixing and adding stuff to go fast and damage created by what's added, know how long before melt down, smell and sound

                Way back used mothballs or nitromethane just for fun, to go faster = meltdown

                ​​​​​​Had any information related to transmission been available ,,,,

                Car tire on this year and make motorcycle not wise, retaining clips are weakest point


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                  I have seen E-85 fuel before up north, I am thinking maybe in Iowa or South Dakota but I have yet to see such in Texas. If it's being done on the federal level, should we all be having some issues? Inquiring minds need to know...


                  • Brad_G
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                    The E85 fuel is intended for "flex fuel" vehicles only. Iowa being in the corn belt has had it for decades. Some of our fleet Dodge Caravans were run on it. The poster here is referring to E15. There are many stations where you can get the traditional E10 (10% blend) or E15 along with E85. The sticker on the pump says cars built after 2001 can safely run E15. I've run it in my daily drivers and have noticed no ill effects. I haven't tried it in my fuel injected Road Star however.

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                  On news this am
                  government ok to increase ethanol to 15%

                  Will be nationwide

                  Gas stations not always selling what's advertised = poor performance


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                    Root cause
                    what started problem, what was the seed ?

                    Analytical approach to problem put on paper for engineering to re hash

                    You plant a seed that's supposed to grow into something

                    Roots start to grow and things look ok but you don't know what's coming

                    seed sprouts into weed instead of flower you picked wrong seed or ?

                    Worked for engineering stuff and more than once had to explain the problem in simple terms


                    You made a box to hold X

                    The box you made is perfect in every way but 1

                    X is bigger than the box you made, you misplaced a decimal point and never looked at X

                    Bad seed politically correct way to say you're [email protected]#ing stupid to over educated idiot

                    Root cause of problem, over educated know it all put something together on paper and overlooked something or didn't follow through on assembly problems

                    Translations to paper, paper to assembly floor

                    Engineering drawing says part must be this but only that is available

                    Assembly floor says we can use this other thing , its just as good

                    Engineer knows tolerance and the other thing was never acceptable because of heat changing tinsel strength

                    and thing IS NOT labeled , doesn't say DO NOT HEAT, heat will make thing break

                    Communication break down and root cause, who is responsible for what

                    Assembly made their product below cost because of change to product parts and management doesn't care about product reliability or doesn't know assembly has changed everything by replacing this and that with the other thing

                    Liability and that damn thing and buyer + the bottom line

                    how long will it last and recall, how long before it hurts someone and cost, liability

                    C4 Corvette CPU ECM problems from factory

                    Cadillac Elantra 2 seat convertible that made lemon laws , bet you can find one cheap with under 50,000 miles today

                    takata air bags and metal killing driver

                    ​​​​​​Could go on and on and on and on and,,,,,


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                      I searched and found a report on CBS that the EPA is going to allow the selling of E15 fuel year round and it affects 2300 stations around the nation.

                      I think I actually bought some of this trash on a trip to North Dakota and only got 100 miles out of my tank instead of the 150 I was expecting. I was on my XVS650 and didn't notice any other issues, filled up at the next station and carried on more nervous about making it to the next station. Being from Texas where the grades are pretty much all standard and don't change with the season and never having seen E15 I was more aware when I would get fuel which grade I picked when riding out of my home AO. It has been my experience that each state regulates what additives are added or omitted in fuel blends. It might be time to look carefully at what is being offered at the pump.


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                        Will only get worse

                        Blends are not all the same and have seen gas left in boat engines that ate into piston
                        Boat left and fuel not run out before parking

                        New season starts and engine will not start

                        Piston sleeve was kinda oval from factory and assembly

                        Gas eating piston and compression changes

                        Warranty void

                        Everything in tolerance

                        Gas can be real bad and burn just good enough or too good and make real problems

                        Add stuff and performance improves but at a cost

                        Mothballs make pretty blue flames and will not hurt forged Pistons, regular pistons melt

                        Had a guy ask me about car he was looking at, said it ran fine as long as he didn't put his foot into it then it smoked like cho cho train

                        I asked him what car was, he told me and it made me laugh, he didn't understand

                        Long story short NOS

                        And piston melt down, NOS adds heat like nitromethane

                        I don't know everything but have seen quite a bit and fired more than once for not being politically correct

                        Last event kinda funny

                        Large articulating loader comes in on 2 trailers, one for machine and another for tires

                        Was on sight for 3 weeks and operator [green teen] walks up and says "by the way I fixed it"

                        Stopped me cold and hair stood up on the back of my neck

                        I said show me exactly what you fixed and how you fixed it with no idea about what was done to brand new machine

                        Guy says he saw the sight glass was low , drove to water hose on about an 30% grade with bucket 3 to 4 feet off the ground and took off radiator cap and filled with water

                        My jaw dropped

                        Stopped what I was doing, walked into office and told owner to get new machine off the property

                        Owner was pissed

                        Asked me "what did you do to it?"

                        I said you hired the kid that filled up the hydrologic tank with about 25 to 30 gallons of water and that kid needs to be the one fixing it when it stops working cuz I won't touch it

                        7 pumps feed off one tank and first one to go was under the cab

                        Every pump was toast and so much more and I don't have the personality or patients to deal with stupid and don't mind telling you

                        Everything I know is from experience and I Know the 2002 XV 1600 Road Star transmission can not take the added stress a car tire puts on transmission

                        I will put bearing in and problem will come back , bearing will break again or gears will lock up because retaining clips are not strong enough

                        I'm not a chatter or a blogger , don't care for Facebook or twitter or any of that stuff

                        Looked up information and found nothing about related problems with car tire on this bike

                        Please make a place that sticks out, a sticky about this bike's transmission and car tire not a good combination Too dangerous

                        Re hashing fact and posting video not going to happen

                        If you're running a car tire on this motorcycle it could kill you

                        keep loosing internet Connection stuff maybe out of order and not going to proof read

                        any questions re read from first post the answer is there


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                          I believe that our government leaders has their heads up their butts and lacks common sense, thinking that E-15 will help with fuel prices! I would think that our senseless leaders should listen to experts in the engineering fields of crap their feeding us.
                          It's a scientific fact that a engine needs a higher fuel ratio running alcohol, so using E-15 will give a user less fuel mileage. Not only lower fuel mileage, it costs more to produce a barrel of alcohol, than a barrel of gas.


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                            Takes something like 3 gallons of fresh water to make 1 gallon of ethanol

                            And stuff goes threw fuel filter and changes into fine grit that coats jets and accelerater pump stuff
                            Loosing internet and tired of fighting smart phone

                            War will break us

                            Using fuel reserves mistake

                            Path to chemicals or nukes real open and smooth

                            Only bad things to come

                            Government working for government and ignoring need of people

                            Infrastructure falling apart and contractor could care less about quality only concern bottom line, how much can I make or save

                            Gas production one thing, engineering to fail another

                            Flanges made of inferior metal like Chinese made valve that has same serial numbers as expensive valve and bottom line

                            hours spent backtracking production numbers to match part with product with manufacturer and plant explosions

                            Root cause and seed

                            Where problem was planted , what was supposed to be in ground and what came up

                            Who's to blame for watering the stuff and letting it grow ?

                            ​​​​​​​We are all on the same slip and slide that is now coated with astroglide x 10 to the second power


                            • davej
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                              WTF are you smoking?

                            • D-Fresh
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                              +1 davej!

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                            Remembering conversation with Barnett's ordering bearing

                            Barnett's has heard of problem coming from their product being put on this bike more than once and their clutch must bring stuff out
                            Recall and everything they can't be held liable for factory defect and probably have something popping up in red on their screen when making sale over phone

                            Car tire not designed for motorcycle rim and most won't sell you a tire if they know what your going to put on

                            Guy on phone didn't know about car tire but seemed aware of recall

                            My guess extra stress from Barnett's clutch made retaining clips fail

                            Original clutch set up would slip = weakest point

                            Clutch slips and nothing breaks or moves

                            recall or not being done car tire too much for retaining clips in transmission

                            Ride bike hard enough with Barnett's clutch and I bet transmission will fail, poor design in transmission

                            Let me ride you're motorcycle 200 miles and prove it, you provide the gas

                            Don't want to be blamed for gummed up carb


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                              a lot of un needed info here, so it was the barnett clutch bearing ??? yamaha has made clunkers, RS is not one of them.


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                                Since you are the one troubleshooting, i will not doubt your skills…

                                if you open the case up and find the problem as you described… please take photos and post… this clinic has become quit adept at diagnosing and solving problems so further information and pictures can only enhance our knowledgebase…

                                not sure how a clutch issue has digressed to a slapping wristpin… overall… i believe most all of the clinic members are quite happy with the roadstar engine/ transmission design and take great pride in our individual rides…

                                not everybody will experience the same contentment with this design… hence.. many different types of motorcycles, scooters, cars, and trucks… as with anything mechanical and consisting of many different parts which have to mesh for a working design… sometimes a flawed unit will slip through the cracks…

                                i have had mine (2004) since 2006…. The only thing i have ever done is change the oil, tires, battery, barnett pressure plate and the shit eating grin everytime i turn the key and it goes vroom…. 52k troublefree miles… ( it was pumpless with longshot exhaust when purchased… had to isolate the coil grounding issue first month ( entertaining story ))

                                Your particular issues with the transmission/ clutch basket/ lock rings/ and wrist pin slap does not seem to have been discussed in all the years that the clinic has been on-line…. Sounds like you might be happier with a different manufacturers motorcycle…. good luck on your future endeavors and….

                                keep your knees in the breeze and the tires on the ground….!!!


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                                  Originally posted by brianmac View Post
                                  a lot of un needed info here, so it was the barnett clutch bearing ??? yamaha has made clunkers, RS is not one of them.
                                  Barnett cover bearing went because retaining clip moved or failed on shaft and everything moved

                                  1600 made with flaw or not strong enough at transmission

                                  Original clutch set up SLIPPED for a reason, it was the weakest point but still had problems with retainers on transmission shafts

                                  Barnett's spring clutch = no slip

                                  car tire = 100% traction

                                  nothing to slip or give and too much stress and pressure on transmission shaft retaining clips


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                                    1999 to 2003 XV 1600 Yamaha transmission not strong enough for Barnett's clutch upgrade, definantly not one to put a car tire on.

                                    Fact is Fact

                                    Bash a bike?

                                    Happy with diffrent bike ?

                                    I have a few and treat them all the same, ride them hard and put them up wet, motorcycle not for show and way past bar hopping

                                    Started with little Honda 50 and Vespa to CB 750 and up from there

                                    The XV 1600 set off a lot of stuff with HD but the CB 750 changed the game

                                    Road Star bullet proof ? not 1999 to 2003

                                    Clutch made to slip on purpose, weakest point, transmission shaft clips Forum in weekest link in that order

                                    No expert but know how to break a 1999 to 2003 Road Star in under 200 miles maybe other years if you have a good tight clutch that don't slip?

                                    Troubleshooting and making you aware of factory or engineering flaws is bashing ? CALL ME BAM BAM

                                    I looked for information about car tire and found corect size but no information about what may happen

                                    Bottom line like it or not, the XV 1600 Road Star 1999 to 2003 is NOT one to put a car tire on and a Barnette clutch conversion moves the weakest point to transmission shaft retaining clips. BAM ! BAM !


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