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    I believe i have become a glutton for punishment… i picked up a 2003 goldwing that the owner dropped off a jack in 2013…. It has been sitting since that fateful day with 3/4 tank of gas… then i showed up a couple weeks ago…. “Project Bike…..screaming in my head ”
    Any interest from my fellow gear heads in the progression of this mechanical marvel restoration?
    i know its not a roadstar …. But my trials and tribulations may become a source of entertainment or a dire warning for a like minded individual with a similar sense of foreboding…
    let me know if you would like me to get a restoration thread going for this endeavor….

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    you forgot to list the price on that shock


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      Pretty simple! Go find another 2003 Goldwing, in PRISTINE condition, and then transfer all the parts from the good bike to the project bike and VOILA, you have it! Then part out what remains of the 'parts bike' to pay for it all.

      Or something like that.

      That 3/4 tank of gas makes for some good weed killer, especially if you torch it. Then it's good for marshmallows too...

      I for one would be interested, and have always thought the 2003 GW might be a nice bike to own.


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        Click image for larger version

Name:	CBD84DD7-9830-43A6-A7E8-9B55B106529F.jpeg
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Size:	3.92 MB
ID:	126417 Click image for larger version

Name:	FB809CC7-C361-4978-90C7-D0052386A2D7.jpeg
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ID:	126418
        Bike physical ailments:
        Broken windshield, broken mirror, crack front fender, crack on ‘ring of fire’…. Some minor electrical issues regarding headlights, dirty/sticky switches… tires dry rotted, valve stems dry rotted… no battery or tie down straps

        digging deeper…. Another tire kicker removed fuel pump and tested bad… damaged it so i wasnt able to test myself… used a spare battery and removed spark plugs to spin the motor and test for spark..( good spark and motor spun without any odd scraping sounds…) stereo speakers have disintegrated…. Will address after motor is running..

        Inspected brake and clutch reservoirs and found all fluids were highly contaminated… flushed all lines with DOT 4 fluid and confirmed no leaks on calipers or clutch slave cylinder… brakes and clutch all work correctly without evidence of sticking calipers…

        new replacement fuel pump ordered… cleaned tank and filler nozzle.. discovered float was long gone from fuel level sending unit…. Ordered a junk yard special to replace…. Decided to replace air filter and spark plugs…. Air filter as found in picture …. No evidence of wire harness damage from critters….
        i should have the fuel pump and level sending unit by the end of week…. Then the real work begins…

        Ordered new tires and valve stems for the rims with cleaning of seat and application of ‘armor all’ to soak in vinyl during the wait for parts has been accomplished…. The rest of bike can wait till motor is running….

        i am hoping that the injectors will not need removal for cleaning. Removal of the lower cowling of both sides would be required to access the injectors. Not a difficult job but very time consuming for re-attachment/alignment… not a job for the faint of heart…


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          I think this will turn out to be a very expensive lesson for you. Wishing you the best of luck.


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            No doubt about it...

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          That 1800 GW is a nice ride. Well worth any effort of restoration, assuming you bought it right, which of course you did.

          What's the odometer read? Did the prior owner say it had a clean bill of health before it toppled off the lift?

          I've been leaning toward something like this as a true dedicated bagger for our rides and trips, and then going with something else for a fun ride, such as bobbing-out my RS or going back to something like my last bike, my Suzuki RF900R, for the days I want to run solo or travel light. Anne isn't fond of the RS seating for much more than short runs, but truly enjoys the rides. The Roadwing would keep her comfy and I have no doubt she'd be napping at times along the way.

          Sounds like you're already off to a great start!


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            Click image for larger version

Name:	C7AB98CF-A9EC-42F7-A53D-B12888E15AF6.jpeg
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ID:	126447 Click image for larger version

Name:	EBAB544A-3510-4E06-9271-62D91C0EE99E.jpeg
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ID:	126446
            Pic looking in the gas tank after cleanup. Click image for larger version

Name:	94371257-8D71-4072-9E87-2D88B6E3A758.jpeg
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Size:	1.67 MB
ID:	126445

            tank cleaned up very well. At this point i have 3.1k total investment…. All in bike, tires, battery, battery clamp, fuel pump, fuel level sending unit, spark plugs, DOT 4 brake fluid, and cleaning supplies…..

            seat cleaned up very nice… i have enough armor all soaking to slide your bottom to next week if you decide to climb aboard…. Lol… pic shows the speaker condition…. I am going to leave the top shelter off until bike is running…. In case it needs a shot of “ether” to get it fired up or if the lower cowling will need removal for injector removal/cleaning. Front brake pads have about 20% remaining…. I havent checked the pads in the back yet.

            once the motor is running, the cosmetics will be addressed…. Already have some bartering deals going for a windshield and some rear passenger floorboards…. The mirror shall be new and the “ring of fire” may be scrapped…. Front fender may be a junkyard acquisition…. Going to put some feelers out today….

            a buddy of mine is in on this “restoration deal” with me… i already have a goldwing and a roadstar.. he also has a roadstar and just bought a goldwing. This project was to teach him some maintenance and repairs on a 1800cc goldwing. I will also show him how to replace fork seals…. (On his goldwing)… if the bike can be flipped for a profit… great… if not… consider it a teaching tool… i should at least break even on parts… or wallow in the gluttony of a challenging project….

            as far as the original owner…. Seemed honest in his answers to my questions… pretty much clueless about what 9 year old gas would do to an injection system…. He lost his wife due to age and seemed to be downsizing all his possesions…. (He had a harley in the shed too so he had been riding)…. Seemed to have lost interest in goldwing when wife’s health was deteriorating) 63k miles on the clock…


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              Back in '98 or '99 we stumbled upon a used bike auction at a bike salvage yard north of Seattle. Pretty decent bikes, actually. I ended up buying seven of them! Got them all dialed-in and running great and eventually sold them all after having some fun with them. One of the bikes was a turbo Kawasaki and I had to send the turbo out for a rebuild. Fun bike. Another was a 920 Virago which I bobbed, two Suzuki GS500's, one of which I did a frame-off restoration, an inline 4 cylinder Honda 900, a Honda moped, and some kind of Yamaha side-by-side twin cylinder 550 or something (known for vibration).

              Had a lot of fun and made $$ on all of them. It was awesome seeing all of those bikes in my garage.

              I actually thought about going back there again the next year to do it again, but I lived in California at the time and it just wasn't feasible.

              Nice job so far! Speakers are cheap and easy. Sounds like you've got some great connections for parts and the like. Also a great 'learning bike' for both of you, since you both own other Roadwings. I'd think that price-wise you'll definitely be in it right once it's all finished up. Let's hope the motor purrs like a kitten once it fires up. 63k miles sounds like it's just getting broken-in...


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                Fuel pump and fuel level sending unit arrived today. Installed on bike and added 2 gallons of gas. Tested the electrical plug for the fuel pump and confirmed proper operation.
                Used a set of jumpers to tie the fuel pump directly to the battery for priming the line and flushing the old gas out of the injector manifolds. Spark plugs were removed during the priming sequence to confirm that no injectors were stuck open and filling the cylinders with fuel.
                Installed fresh spark plugs and finished the fuel pump installation by plugging the wire harness in and installing the fuel return tube. With excitement building for the anticipation of sink or swim regarding the engine start sequence…. A quick nod to the motorcycle gods and turned the key to the on position…
                pushed the starter button and ……… vroom vrooom vroom…… purring like a kitten on momma’s lap…. A high five to my buddy and a nod to the gods of good fortune….. yippee!
                added a little fuel injector cleaner to the gas and let it reach operating temperature… cooling fans on… check… motor idling pretty well… check…. Rev that baby up a little and listen for throttle response…. Check….
                all is good in the world…. Ready to put upper shelter back on and give it a road test after i put the fresh tires/rims back on…. Must wait for another day since work beckons for my return to the grind…
                Attached Files


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                  That is fricking awesome! Gotta have a smile on your face. The great unknown. Now you're validated and the project can go on! Been there many times myself.

                  I used to flip outboard boat motors online. Those things last forever and very rarely have serious issues. I'd buy the proverbial antiquated basket cast, put a bit of time into it, and fantastic, it would purr like a kitten. Always fun to work on.

                  Congrats! Excellent purchase with more upsides down the road. Let us know how it rides!


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                    Bike still books for a little over $5K so you're good.


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                      i am changing all fluids (clutch, brake, radiator, oil, fork seals and fork oil) probably change all the brake pads too… new tires, air filter, new spark plugs… new speakers….

                      the cosmetics are what will drill the hole in the wallet… absolutely amazing what Honda charges for molded ABS plastic parts…

                      If the bike will not break even with the parts investment….. then i can add a 3rd bike to the stable…. Convincing the wife might be a bit of a challenge though…!

                      of course the next door neighbor keeps coming over and “checking it out”….. already figuring a way to get his wife to take a ride with him…. I like the way he thinks…. The set up… the hook…. the catch…. boom..!!!!!

                      the look in his eyes is saying so much…. Now to get him to open that wallet….


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                        Click image for larger version

Name:	59BCC740-24F6-4201-B267-D3EEA1CA7341.jpeg
Views:	51
Size:	3.83 MB
ID:	127362 Click image for larger version

Name:	3C0C2F5F-A2C4-48B8-9046-12EA63DA5D50.jpeg
Views:	50
Size:	3.84 MB
ID:	127361 Some new updates……
                        decided to replace brake pads all around the bike… it was then discovered the rear caliper was not funtioning correctly… removed the caliper and popped the cups using a little air pressure and inspected/cleaned out the chambers, seals and cups…. Reassembled and replaced the front pads (twin rotors) without any issues….. that is until i took it for a test ride…. Bike didnt make it around the block before brakes appeared to be dragging…. Back to the garage i went….
                        put bike on center stand and checked front and rear tires for freedom to rotate…. And ….. they rotated just fine with no evidence of dragging brakes….
                        if any of you have worked on a goldwing, you know the brakes are interlocked with a proportional control valve (front and back brakes tied together) and an antidive piston which applies rear brakes only…. Sounds complicated …. Where the heck do i start…!!
                        Mulled it over a few days before i decided…… why not just disassemble and clean/inspect both front calipers…. (Got to start with the simple things first before i over think this)
                        after calipers reassembled and bled off…. Test ride again…. Everything working great… no dragging…. No performance issues…. Rode that baby up to gas station and filled the tank… a little seafoam injector cleaner added and off to the highway we go for the high speed test…..
                        absolutely thrilling to get that baby up to highway speed in drag strip fashion…. Twist the throttle and hang on tight…. It is a sport bike diguised as a cross country touring platform…
                        next stop back to the driveway for a good wash and wax… Click image for larger version

Name:	D8FE6DAA-0307-4A39-B74B-292C5EC12667.jpeg
Views:	74
Size:	2.41 MB
ID:	127360

                        that becomes another story in itself but here is the current look…. Still awaiting body parts and new speakers……


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