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2003 Roadstar 1600

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  • 2003 Roadstar 1600

    Here's my 2003 roadstar 1600
    I guess it gives the term "Hand shift" a whole new meaning

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    Ouch!....if you ever get tossed over the handlebars and impaled!


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      Representing Scorpion Gulch, Arizona. Looks like it still has a hand clutch. How does that work? Do you have 2 left arms?


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        I’ve been thinking about adding a foot clutch and hand shift to my Springer. I was tempted when I added the Springer, but got to the point I just wanted to get it on the road.
        Maybe this summer.


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          Originally posted by Father Pobasturd View Post
          Representing Scorpion Gulch, Arizona. Looks like it still has a hand clutch. How does that work? Do you have 2 left arms?

          when up shifting i usually just use my left hand with no clutch
          When down shifting I just pull the clutch with my left hand and shift with my right


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            Originally posted by Shores View Post
            Ouch!....if you ever get tossed over the handlebars and impaled!
            The fairing is made from some old 16g sheet metal I had laying around
            the top part is so thin It will bend with the slightest nudge
            I actually broke the plexiglass windshield yesterday on accident so I will be redesigning it soon


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              A few upgrades have been done since my last post
              I grabbed a new oem intake manifold online (appeared to be somewhat ported compared to my stock one)
              Got it for only $60 shipped which was the cheapest I could find
              Installed a new fairing and a 7 inch headlight
              Installed a new air filter I grabbed from autozone
              Changed out the shift knob and grips
              Installed the baron jet kit (pretty much just the adjustable needle since I already had the jets)
              The needle install was a considerable upgrade as far as throttle response
              Replaced my enricher cable/ knob
              replaced the cracked coasting enricher cover

              Next on the to do list is to fabricate a new sissy bar
              make a new seat
              repair the rear fender some more (dang vibrations keep cracking it)
              replace the stock rear spring
              Get the springer fork finished up and installed
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                Wow, that is one cool @ss ratbike! Scare the hell outta little ol' ladies and young children.


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                  A few updates so far
                  I managed to get a 4.5 gallon king sportster tank for a pretty good deal ($100) no rust, just needed some paint and a new petcock
                  Made some mounts for that and got a good sanding into it along with some clear coat
                  I redesigned the shift lever to accommodate the new tank/ shifter knob
                  i also found a baron velocity stack at the same motorcycle swap meet, new in the box and I only paid 30$<--steal of the day

                  Next on the list is to fix the rear fender (more support since it cracks)
                  Then a new sissy bar
                  And after all that a new king and queen seat with a fiberglass seat pan

                  Hopefully some time after that I will be able to weld up the exhaust into a 2 to 1


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                        that's sweet.

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                        sounds like my wife taking a bath...zp...

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                      There's a quick walk through of my bike, I would have revved it but the kids where sleeping
                      In the process of making a new set of pipes from some mandrel bent pieces
                      The swingarm bag is made by leatherworks inc if anyone was curious


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                        The exhaust size without the heat covers on it is 1 3/4" if anyone is wondering
                        The pipes that came on my bike where cobra slash cut drag pipes but they where too long and scraped around every corner so I decided to make a set of my own with a little more ground clearance
                        without the heat covers on I was able to pull the flange right off and copy a template of it to make more, I can measure and scan the flange if anyone else is interested
                        The pipes have a collar on it where the flange attached to it , stepping it up from 1 3/4" to 2", it is then flared flat to mate up with the exhaust gasket
                        To make the collar I just got a piece of straight 1 3/4" pipe from autozone, one side had a flared female end, the other was the standard 1 3/4", I cut part of the flared side off, slipped it over and welded it to the male side, i then cut a few more slices of the flared side, cut them in half, and made them fit over that which gave me the size I needed
                        Welded it all together and it fit perfectly on the bike, now to just cut out all the mandrel bent sections I need and learn how to tig this blasted thing steel!


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                          Here are pictures of the stock pipe as well as some shots of the process, I didn't get a picture of the split rings I had to make to simulate the final flat flange on the pipe collar but you get the idea
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                            Building the lumber luggage rack was pretty fun since I hardly ever work with wood (see update video)
                            I ended up mounting it to the stock sub frame with the normal 4 mounting bolts the fender normally goes in
                            I usually end up carrying 1 or 2 backpacks with me on the weekends to carry stuff I find at local swap meets so this will allow me to have some time to weld up the rear fender cracks as well as reinforce it
                            In order I plan to:
                            Finish the exhaust pipes
                            Replace the stock front brake reservoir with a lower profile nissin 5/8 "tube" reservoir
                            Repair/ reinforce rear fender
                            Design and make a new sissy bar from some 5/8" steel
                            Re design the tank mounts
                            make a new fiberglass king and queen seat pan/ upholster it
                            New front tire or new front rim (got a front end shimmy i'm trying to track down, already triple checked the triple tree hardware/ replaced the bearings etc)
                            new bars
                            Then painting everything (still stockpiling paint and airbrush supplies)

                            Then it will be on to my next project, my 79 yamaha xs650
                            The road star is my daily driver, so working on it can be sporadic, I'm hoping to get it done by the end of march


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                              Sounds like a lot of work but I am sure the end result will justify the hard work. Keep us informed of you progress via pictures. Ride safe, be safe.
                              I will not apologize for being white, being straight or for loving this country.


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                                Originally posted by highvoltage View Post
                                Sounds like a lot of work but I am sure the end result will justify the hard work. Keep us informed of you progress via pictures. Ride safe, be safe.
                                It's always ten times harder than I usually think it will be but that's half the fun of it I guess


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                                  did anybody die in the accident?...zing the elder...

                         don't go out and buy an effigy of me and start sticking pins in it, "did anybody die in the accident" is what old people say when they get uncle menzo (yes his real name) used it on me a half dozen times chipping away at my adolescent brain cells as i toiled in his yard at $0.10 an hour while building the world's fastest balloon tired bicycle...zp...

                                  pss...i know it's a throwback to the minimalist doctrine but i'll bet if you asked you could find some classic bits and pieces right here on the old rsc...just sayin'...zp...


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                                    Recently I replaced my oem front brake reservoir/lever with a nissin 5/8" reservoir
                                    I modified the hole from 7/8" to 1" using an angle grinder and a half round file
                                    I used a section of tygon tubing as a brake reservoir, some safety wire secures it at the bottom and a brass fitting is used as a plug on the top
                                    I like the option of being able to adjust the brake lever as well as the feel of it, the old one was either on or off, no in between

                                    I've removed the rear wooden section and replaced it with my stock rear fender
                                    I welded all the cracks in it and reinforced it with some strips of aluminum
                                    I epoxied the aluminum strips along the inside of the fender and after that dried I embedded it all in truck bed liner
                                    I got the idea from another post somewhere and it works
                                    at first I was going to just weld some steel supports in there but using aluminum makes more sense to me being lighter, all the excess weight along with my super heavy old sissy bar where probably the reason it cracked in the first place

                                    With the rear fender on I was able to make a new sissy bar using some 1/2" and 5/8" crs and my tig welder
                                    I incorporated a luggage rack on the rear section of it, there's still more finishing to do but until I get some acetylene for my torch that will have to wait

                                    So the weather has been great lately, constantly raining for weeks at a time, then a few days of sunshine, then back to the rain
                                    I've been mainly sitting in the garage trying to get things painted on the bike

                                    Side covers- welded up a hole/painted
                                    Belt cover- Painted
                                    Rear brake reservoir-Painted

                                    Pearlized blue base coat , I used an airbrush
                                    "Sea sic blue" metal flake shot dry using the airbrush and a small flake shooter I made
                                    4 coats of clear
                                    Opaque black createx airbrush paint for the stencil and taped areas
                                    2 coats of clear
                                    Gold leaf details
                                    2 coats of clear
                                    Final airbrush details
                                    2 coats of clear
                                    Wet and dry sanding
                                    2 coats of clear

                                    Everything has been coming out pretty good so far, I've attached a picture of my helmet which is the only decent picture I can get with this weather

                                    I'm using a Euro clear and it has it's fair share of orange peel and having to bury that flake is a to sand down but it should be pretty glossy in the end
                                    I chose to spray the metal flake "dry" (onto the wet pearlized blue base coat) because of the way it shines, it takes more work but I think it will be worth it

                                    Unfortunately it's raining again so it's limiting the work I can do

                                    While it was sunny last week I managed to re make the front and rear tank mounts, it dropped the tank all together about 3 inches and it is now rubber mounted
                                    When I was trying to lower the tank I remembered why I hadn't mounted it any lower, the petcock was hitting the top engine mount, I had already ordered a back up oem one (engine mount) and had shaved down the stock one somewhat to clear the petcock, but lowering the tank made it impossible to use the lever
                                    I disassembled it and swapped the lever upside down, it worked but now the positions are just switched on the "reserve" and "off" positions

                                    I had to ensure the tank was in the proper position so I could start making a fiberglass seat pan

                                    I started taping everything off
                                    Layed down 3 layers of resin and 3 layers of fiberglass, just on the seat pan area
                                    After that cured I lightly sanded it and applied more layers, tying the sissy bar portion in to the seat pan portion overlapping and crossing
                                    Tons of fiberglass and resin later and the seat pan is taking shape

                                    Now I just need to wait for it to cure, them remove/ trim it, then drill holes in it/ cut it so i can embed the hardware needed to mount it up to the bike
                                    I plan on making a king and queen style seat with a back rest for myself, I'm thinking of putting a small pvc pipe in my backrest area as a stash spot so on the next layers of fiberglass that will be decided

                                    I've removed the front fairing and it has a coat of pearlized blue and metal flake on it, waiting to be clear coated, I seriously hate this rain


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