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Just painted my neglected Midnight.

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  • Just painted my neglected Midnight.

    I bought this beautiful machine from a guy who severely neglected her and had a paint booth he parked next too......

    She had tons of overspray on her and I was just disappointed.

    I have experience with a spray gun but the 10 gal compressor I have wasn't good enough to handle properly spraying I was told so I bought dupli-color universal white and universal black rattle cans and was surprised how nice it laid down.

    She was a midnight but im in Arizona its HOT and people drive stupid here, I already t boned a car at 45 who pulled out in front of me smh! (On my prior bike shadow spirit 1100vt which lead to me buying this R*)

    So I changed the tank and fenders to uni white. And ordered these 2 dope punisher stencils to tag with universal black

    I have not wet sanded yet so there's orange peel and no clear coat but I couldn't help but set the pieces in place and take some pix.

    ZERO runs there is a spot or 2 like under the tab on the tank or inside the tank under the speedo gauge on the inside of that lip was little fun and made me nervous for blasting a run found myself just accepting I wouldn't have perfect .

    there's a few spots I wanted to skip fully chipping paint and sanding flat like said areas under speedo very back flat part of the back fender but I made myself do it glad I did 2.

    There's a few other imperfections as this was my first experience with bondo andpainting damaged material super fun learning experience!

    I found THICK black paint followed by a thick yellow coating (primer?)
    followed by a white coating (2 separate primers ?)

    I sanded flat to yellow if no pin holes or white if there was pin holes I was fortunate to be right and the difference between yellow and white not show up in the paint those bumps on the front fender show and where it got bent badly bottom front both sides.

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    I sprayed dupli color primer with filler on bare spots I hit 2x alone then used the rest of the can on a fully coat of it all.
    used 3 cans uni white (should have used 4) and have 1 can black.
    I have a 1k clear coat I want to use the whole can then a 2k clear coat over that n wet sand polish.

    All in all I'm very happy so far and love how it's a black frame but white pieces.

    What you all think of leaving the side covers all black and spraying the punisher stencil on each side in white opposite of how tank and fender are white with black logo kinda mixes well id think with the whole black frame rather than all white pieces and black frame, input? Thanks guys.

    First picture I want to put on the sides of the tank and back fender then the 2nd on top of the tank probably under the gas cap area.

    I have not wet sanded yet as I will right before I spray the stencils, then clear coat bot 1 and 2k's wet sand polish and mm mm mmmm I hope I'm new to wet sanding lil nervous
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      I would spray the side covers white to match. You have a lot of sanding to do but a white bike looks good IMO.


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        Thanks for the input Dave wasn't sure if with the frame black it would work so well.

        Appreciate the input brother


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          I'm with davej and would do the side panels white as well. To be honest, I'm a less is more guy. I would waive the stencils and just leave it as is. There are some pics on this site of Lug Nut bike. I'm not a white bike affectionato, but that was once of the nicest R* bikes I've seen.


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            Thanks for the input and advice brother. Rock on,aybe I'll take the black can back and get another white im going to heavily debate this and look at lugs pix.

            What do you recommend for the clear coat I have matte I think it's unique and different but it torn between that SEXY gloss on a polished finish


            • davej
              davej commented
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              The matte will help hide any flaws

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            I don't mind hiding flaws


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              I am going total white, even going to hit the frame and leave the punisher stencils off.
              After I seen this beauty I was like it has too be my whiteout even thinking of white wall tires when I need a new set
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                Well then if you do that you will need a new motor painted silver. You can just donate that old black motor to me Looking good so far, glad you are pleased with your work its only you that it matters to in the end



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                  Thanks for leaving a comment Hotrod, I would have to completley dismantle the engine first and get my experience doing a rebuild before I could justify that because that's one of the big areas I've never got into past the valves and everything I do for a first I screw it up its a sad reality but I just go ahead and hurry up get it out the way then it's game time lil practice leads to the big show.

                  I agree about im the one who has to like it, it's a different and special feeling as I literally spent 2 different days chip chip chip with a putty knife then sand the primer spots with holes in the yellow to the 1st primer coating so all smooth few spots I wanted to skip I knew no one would ever see but it was just one them things grin m bear it get er done after looking at the paint I have a good feeling for sure


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                    My first time curse strikes again.

                    Oh well I gained some experience points.
                    I wasnt thinking right and just assumed clear coat since it's just paint with not pigment that it was going to spray the same.
                    For me the dupli color high gloss seemed really thick and no fan just like a concentrated stream (im being a little dramtic) it left a nice and ONLY sag or run on all the parts I did but yea I knew I'd have to he sanding that down so I just made a big mistake and decided to just spray the whole thing nice and thick to match that area and I noticed immediately yellow lines..... being too new to clear and earning my stripes I tried to keep spraying where it wasn't yellow to match eyi yi yi least I aint too emberessed to admit my faults even tho they are stupid ones that shouldn't have happened if I probably researched more deeply than just a few videos how to spray clear.

                    At this point I'm assuming I'm going to have to sand 2 cans of clear off the tank and front / back fenders and re clear or with it being so thick EVERYWHERE is it even a possibility to sand it down to where the yellow dissapears ...... I know I know T foul pm me and the answers complete re clear.

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                      Well sometimes I win some and sometimes I lose some and lose some more ✌ its still gonna be a great day hope the same for you all 2


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                        I'm not a painter so can't really give much advice. I didn't see much in the pics as to the yellow you're referring. So not sure if things would sand out or not. But hey, as you said, it's been a learning experience. And one can learn what to do different next time....or say F* it and pay a pro.

                        But in all seriousness, I've wanted to try my hand at painting a bike myself. But I just haven't come across one cheap enough that needs a paint job.


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                          I used to paint fabricated farm equipment, but that never got hit with clear coat.

                          I used 1k clear as I was pinching pennies for the moment and thought I'd just have to be careful with gas.

                          Apparently esp any 1k clear again esp over white is going to yellow if too much and I was the poster boy of too much.

                          At this point I'll attempt one yellow spot and focus on that if it whitens OK I don't think it will so at that point I'll scuff it and hot with universal white again and with more exo karate chop a new clear coat, even if it fails it'll he significantly better.

                          Just to emberess myself and so no one can say I try to hide my mistakes I used 2 full cans of clear coat only 1 run but you may not see the yellow so easily bc it's almost all yellow


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                            I cant get in there to wet sand it at all till later tonight at 24 hrs point hell maybe I'm tripping and that's how it's supposed to look matte..... next on kimmer's wild adventure


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                              I did a quick and dirty refresh of some wheels on my daughter's car. I got the silver wheel paint I wanted and then a wheel clear. Paint was Rustoleum and clear was Dupli Color. First pair I did (I had two spare wheels/tires so swapped so she could still drive) I sanded/painted the wheels and let them dry a week before putting clear on. Came out pretty decent for what it was. Reading the paint can they talked about hitting it with clear 10 minutes after painting. I thought maybe the clear would adhere better to fresh paint. So I tried that. When spraying the clear I got a milky looking finish and thought I'd f'd up. Wondered if it was a reaction as it was different brands of paint/clear and the instructions I was going by was for products of the same vendor. After a few days when everything dried and cured the white milky finish went away. Maybe your yellowing will as well if it cures? I'll be interested in what you find.


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                                Brad looks like your experience played out well for me as well I went in there 4am to start a wet sand on a heavy yellowish spot and im not sure if it was what you said or I also watched a video where a heat gun or blow dryer carefully placed over the clear turned it from completely fogged into crystal clear and I am out in Arizona with 108 yesterday plus some for sitting in the garage closed all day

                                I had to pretend put her back together in sunlight and I was happy too see the result minus the gnat midway down the tank from the cap


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                                  There's 2 areas I didn't even bother touching with clear at all, that's under the speedo compartment and the very flat back side of the back fender I knew it is a what it is experience gaining job and I'm sure when it's ready because of that fact I and rusted maybe at that point I'll get even more exp in new situations in always a win.

                                  Now that she's all fixed up with extensive self made work and painted I can stop spending all my money on parts and tools and apply in other areas of interest......

                                  Like maybe a paint booth?

                                  However with said against me the paint was as is the clear completley smooth should I even bother wet sanding at all ? Can I just straight buff ? My next adventure


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                                      Been having fun got ahold of some money I've been waiting on and started using my prior experience to my advantage, just hit the frame and engine bay and engine this morning sadly I had to stop as it's the dang desert but tonight I'll have a few touch up spits to smash and the tank and fenders to wet sand the clear coat off light scuff and rwhit then ligggggtly mist on layers of clear the engine bay area is already hit with a light coat for accidents with carb removal etc

                                      Lug if you see this thread im most likely today or tomorrow picking up that new petcock off you.

                                      Enjoy fellas I know I sure did un wrapping her a minute ago this deserves better than pix only so I made a quick YouTube video comments tips advice critique welcomed.

                                      Again only used 12 dollar rattle can dupli color all in the prep baby

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                                      • Brad_G
                                        Brad_G commented
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                                        Well this will be interesting. I'm not sure I'd seen a white bike with a white engine before. Kind of interested what It's going to look like when all back together.

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