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Remembering 2018 and other things

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  • Remembering 2018 and other things

    I had a great 2018!! Logged over 10,000 miles and only one major issue. The regulator quit on my '04 when I was going to the PNW meet n greet in Spray Oregon . You know, those guys are great!! They figured out the issue rather quickly, Duke even took parts off his bike to test on mine to be sure we had the problem found. I learned a lot from listening to Duke and his son talking about regulator's and charging system, they really know that stuff!!

    MikeyC rolls in with what looks to be 10 different bags strapped to the rear of his bike! AND he was riding two up warring his wife! They are a great couple and the life of the party! Also I met his daughter ,who is a machinist , she rode her bike, just can't remember what it is.

    Shores and his riding friends from Seattle area were there and giving out answers to many questions like where's the gas station, food, motel office etc. Ken had traveled the area before and had detailed maps of all the roads on scrolls which he attached to a tank bag. No way was anyone getting lost! He was on a Honda F6B, or something like that.

    It was getting dark when DocV arrives in a pickup?!? He had a flat tire and was forced to leave his bike on the side of the road. Many plans where talked about with Jay volunteering his tow vehicle to get Doc back to his bike the next day. Well that story is best told by Doc as it can be hard to believe....but it happened! I have seen first hand now what the expression is on a person's face when they think their bike has been stolen. Doc, I remember the story you told me of your mother and the penny's and how you find them and give them back.

    Jay and Judy bought food for an army of hungry riders and we all very much appreciated it!! I don't remember all the different grill masters but the food was great!! Thanks again Jay and Judy!!

    In August I went to the Sturgis rally, rode all over the hills. Met up with Warden and our small group rode up iron mountain road only to part ways early due to the incoming weather.

    In September the days start to get short so my riding changes from long to much shorter. Harvest was good around here, if the farmers make money we all make money.

    Retirement is on the horizon for me, and since I'm self employed only means I can slow down a little. I have a great shop I can work in.

    So what's your memories from 2018 and what's your plans for 2019???

    My plan is to ride a bike "to" the west coast!! Sounds easy but I have two failed attempts. Will 2019 be the year??

    Also I would like to thank all the people who make the RSC work!! This new site will be coming up on a birthday soon!! Any planned rides for that?

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    2018 brought me to 66, recovery from back surgery, 30 years of wedded bliss in March, retirement in March, last child graduating from college in May, a fantastic trip to NW Starfest in July, a great Boston vacation to visit my daughter in September, a fantastic trip to Costa Rica in December, tons of local MC rides and time to do lots of piddly house projects.


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      You have a beautiful family Steve!!

    • Duke
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      Sounds like a good year Steve. Good job with raising the kids and 30 years of marriage. I hope 2019 is as good or better for you and the family.
      Steve, I thought you were taller? The 4th picture shows you height.

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    Cool, thanks for sharing. I put about 5k on the bike this year but didn't really go anywhere. Just back and forth to work, etc. We didn't even do a family trip this year, couldn't get everybody's schedules aligned. All 3 of my kids are working age now so
    maybe next year. I would like to go back East and show my kids where my dad grew up in West Virginia, they've never been there and I haven't in at least 25 years.

    Here's to a great 2019! Everybody be safe and successful.


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      24 paychecks and another birthday.
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      • Deerkiller
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        Ha. I got 52 paychecks. Well, 51 so far.

        And a smokin hot blonde and a Yeti cup

      • Brad_G
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        Damn.....I only got 12 checks this year.'re gonna rub that Yeti cup in aren't you.

      • BubbaKahuna
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        Oh yeah, almost forgot ... I bought another Roadstar.
        That one makes 4 now ... LOL

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      Thanks Lyndon, but I'd rather forget that whole experience... You all were great, and the time I got to hang with everyone was a blast, the food was awesome too! I'd mention specifics, but I don't want to risk leaving anyone out... But the bike was another thing all together. I do thank you for the help getting that damn bent axle out. Good times! Sure I learned some valuable lessons, like don't trust the shop who mounted your new tire to return *all* the parts... And take SERIOUSLY DETAILED photos of your bike if you ever have to leave it by the side of the road for a tow company to rescue... Cuz if you don't and they F it up, it's your word against theirs.... But otherwise, good times... =\
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        Finally got the surgery to replace my left shoulder and repair the torn rotator cuff I got mid 2017 when I stalled my R* perpendicular to a hill on a circular driveway (not to self... if you feel yourself and your bike starting to fall to the downside of a hill, let go of the bike and try to jump off. DO NOT try to catch yourself with your have the added weight of your motorcycle to try to pound your arm into the ground!). At last , getting to ride again, and do more of the things it takes two hands and arms to do! I hope to finish with the p/t so that I can resume normal life (sure can't afford to retire!)


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          ldofdc...10,000 mile is alot of miles...when i first started riding i'd hit 6k and rode it everywhere except the bathroom and bed...this summer i hope to have the ride of my life out to idaho to meet up with you filthy animals...i doubt i will hit 10k even then...

          2018...tried the mayo clinic for 2 ongoing cancer situations i have...i have been going to the uofm for over 10 years and wanted to hear someone else's thoughts on the matter...will probably be back at the uofm this next year...mayo said they would do everything uofm is doing but would add an mri and cat once every year and i'll talk to the uofm about that...

          2018 was my entry into fliping but a lot of work, i like getting to try different bikes out for weeks at a time before i sell i found roadstars and this place...looking for a good deal on a second generation vmax...why not...zing of the road...


          • Ace
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            VMAX!!! Bazinga!

          • zingpow
            zingpow commented
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            how fast you wanna go in a straight line...great sound with the right pipes...

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          2018 was absolutely incredible for me... I went two times to a third-world, under-developed Asian country that is currently undergoing a genuine spiritual awakening. The % of the population that was Christian 15 years ago was .2%. Five years ago it was 2%... and just recently, they released their latest census, and 5% responded that they were Christian. Because so many are coming to faith in Jesus Christ, forming churches, and men are responding to pastor them... I'd been invited to train these men during week-long conferences at 4 different sites across the country. I've never seen, heard or experienced anything like what is happening in that nation, and I am thrilled that I get to be any part of it. I turn 65 in three months, but after more than 30+ hours to get there, I experience no jet-lag, fatigue, or, as I was told to expect.. illness, being exposed to all new pathogens. I go back again this year, and may find new invitations to Latin/South America, as well! I am truly blessed!


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