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  • Let’s see the dog pics

    Bear is an East German line German Shepherd Dog. Friends of mine say if I jumped off a cliff, this dog would follow me down without hesitation.

    He is an unbelievably loyal creature to me. Little bit high strung and pretty convinced he would bite if provoked just a little bit. He is our 3rd Shepherd (only dog I would consider having). #1 best dog we have ever had, although not the best pet we have had, if that makes sense to Shepherd owners. We don’t lock our doors when gone because he has reign of the house. Have interesting stories about that as well. Very intimidating to have a large, all black German Shepherd barking at your face through the window.

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    And he sleeps with me when I’m sick with the flu like I had around New Years this year


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      And he can pull a sled full of firewood in the snow


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        Sophie is an Australian Blue Heeler who came to us as a stray about a year ago. Very playful.

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          My old boy Woofie. He’s a 13 year old collie mutt. At his age he pretty much sleeps all day.
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            Mac,my sons Dutch Shepard and my three boys!!!
            Now tell me Deerkiller, don/t Mac look a bit like Bear?
            OK, so, maybe more if Mac lost that sweater!


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              I see it. I looked them up last night. Just had never heard of that breed before you mentioned it.

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            My dog “Scooter”!

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              We love the black labs. But, we prefer females. They seem more astute and protective. Males pee on everything and are just goofy.

              Her name is Taylor and is an old soul for five years old. The white muzzle came early. Smart, loving, and never fails to humor the better half, and I.


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                My Guard Dog


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                  Timber is our Chocolate Lab and is about a year and a half old, still full of energy that never quits. Trixie is the darker grey and black Aussie in the picture with our Lab. She's alot like Deerkiller's dog, she guards the house. Not convinced she would bite but she barks at the slightest sound that isn't us and can stand all the hair up on her back, combined with showing her teeth and I'm convinced most people would leave her alone. And since our first Aussie has been the best dog we've ever had, our new little guy Chevy is the white, black, and tan fluff ball. He's another Aussie and is about 4 months old now. He's already picking up on the guard dog idea like Trixie. It's a good little group.

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                    Click image for larger version

Name:	20171004_184249.jpg
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                    This is Machaca, first pic is shortly after we got him.Second pic is last week. He started out at 4 lbs at 8 weeks, and is now almost 20lbs. you can see in the 4th pic he used to be smaller then the cats lol.
                    My neighbor had been helping us after I got home from the hospital. She knew that my little chewy dog had died the winter before and between that and the wreck I was pretty depressed.
                    She decided to bring by 4 lbs of anti-depression therapy on her way home from the Trinity County Fair =)
                    Her friend had a female pug, that got bred by their male jack russel before they could get her into the vet to be fixed.
                    'Chaca is the result, and he is such a smart and lovey dog. We had him fixed, and micro chipped, because he absolutely loves people and we wanted a way to find him if he ever gets separated from us.
                    The larger dog in the 3rd pic is Mary, our red heeler mx. She is also very smart and a very good dog. She was well trained before we got her, she was a rescue. Her previous owners had to move into a smaller house, and the husband's solution to only being allowed 2 of their 3 dogs was to drive Mary out deep into the woods in the winter time and dump her. The wife was so upset about it she wouldn't let up until the husband told her where he had dumped the dog.
                    She went and retrieved Mary, and posted in the animal group I belong to on FB, and we saw the post and went and picked her up. She only weighed about 25 lbs when we got her. She doesn't really like going anywhere in the car, and the first time we took our dogs up to the snow for play time, she freaked out and bolted for home. We only got her to come back to us because CInder, the little dog on the end of the bed in the 4th pic, came back when we called.
                    It took a little while but Mary realized we were just having a family outing and she wasn't going to be abandoned again.
                    Cinder is the little Rat Terrier that does all of our rodent wet work for the cats lol. The cats catch em, and bring them in alive and Cinder grabs em and finishes em off. Tenderizes them a bit and hands them back to the cats.
                    All in all these 3 and our 4 cats keep us busy in the winter time.
                    'Chaca knows how to sit, stay, give you 5, and wait. He hears the word WAIT a lot because when they have been outside, Toby makes them wait at the door when coming back in, so he can wipe their feet and dry them off. Our place is very small, preemptive foot wiping is a must lol
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                      Clementine, a County Humane Society rescue pooch that's every bit as sweet as her name implies.
                      Insanely smart too, I can't believe someone would teach her as much as she knows and just let her run loose to be picked up as a stray without ever looking for her.
                      Their loss, I scored big time.
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                        Pic test dog pic. Bear and Ginger. Most spoiled dogs in the neighborhood.


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                          Black one is Raven 3yrs old and the brown one is Mika 5yrs old. They’re my bush companions!!


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                            This is my son's dog. Dam dog has it's own Instagram account with I don't know how my freaking followers. He's a rescue for about a year now. Definitely grown on us real fast


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                              This is Marley, a mutt I inherited, but she's probably got the most personality of any dog I've ever owned and she LOVES riding with me on my R*!

                              Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_4019.JPG Views:	1 Size:	160.5 KB ID:	4143

                              Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_7295.JPG Views:	1 Size:	175.1 KB ID:	4142
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                                Click image for larger version  Name:	 Views:	1 Size:	77.7 KB ID:	4726
                                This is Zeus....our third Doberman. Always wanted a red him, he's great. As you can see he's super easy going with my granddaughter. All the BS about Dobermans being bad tempered (there are a few but it's usually the way they are treated by their owners) is just that BS. All our Dobermans have been great. When he's with his humans he's the happiest. He hears me drive up and if he's outside you can hear him whine (like a whistle) through his nose all the way in my front yard. Kind of annoying but all of them do it. They want to be with their pack.
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                                  Dobermans are awesome

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                                Here is a pic of my 2 girls together.


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                                  Great Dog here!

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                                Kimber is a 16 month old red doberman rescue from North Carolina...3rd red male Dobe I have rescued...he is already about 80 lbs and ALL the new side car bike for him to ride with me!


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                                  Lug Nut.....have you ever heard of RMS? Red Male Syndrome....the breeder I bought my red doberman from asked me what I was looking for in our new puppy. I said I want an easy going, fun, male that doesn't get aggressive with kids that aren't in our family if there is rough housing, but would protect should something get funky. She said she you just described Red Male Syndrome...I'd only had black and tan before but she says there's a difference with red male dobermans. Glad you are rescuing Dobes....too many people don't understand them.

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                                  I had a female dobie/shepard mix years ago, her name was Swanny. Se was the sweetest, most gentle & submissive dog I'd ever known.
                                  An asshole neighbor poisoned her just because they were afraid of Dobermans, despite her never showing anything but affection and sweetness.

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                                  Bubba that's a horrible story. I added another picture right before reading your post. So many stupid uninformed people. I'll never forget when I got my first Doberman, he was 12 weeks old, I was holding him, some girl wanted to pet, no problem, he's licking her, she says he's so cute and asks what kind of dog is he, I say'd think I stuck a gun in her face. She literally jumped backward and shouted "get it away from me!" I laughed and told her she's need to be involved with life more and stop blindly believing what ever she's been told about them.

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                                NEVER HEARD OF Rms...but my 3 red males have been perfect. Super loyal and protective and goofy as shit too! KIMBER IS ALL PUPPY AND bad at times as puppies are...but very playful and loving. Cant wait to get him in the side car.


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