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Yamaha Demo ride

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  • Yamaha Demo ride

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ID:	77243 Had the chance today to go to Yamaha demo rides today. Tried out the Super Tenere, Tracer GT and Venture TC. All bikes performed great and had a blast on them all. The leader of the pack was an ex RCMP officer and current BMW GS owner. The ride was a mix of city, highway and rural roads which totaled about a 45 mins ride or so. The guy rode fast and was nice to see how the bikes performed in all roads at all speeds.

    Here is where I would like to sum up the bikes in order from start to finish. First up was the Super Tenere. Great bike excellent wind protection, suspension and power. I did find the engine to be a noisy one. The 1200 twin has power when revved up but maybe its was just me but its noise was different than what I am used to with the Roadstar and XS 650. Another item was found that the throttle to be a little jerky. Not sure if its a throttle cable or all electronic. Great bike overall 9 out of 10 and with a flatter seat and risers to raise the bars up a bit would be a 10 for me. Long wheel base and would be a great 2 up for me and my wife.

    Second up was the Tracer GT. Superb engine 900 triple!! This mill is a wicked engine that can get somebody in alot of trouble. I had it in standard more and can just imagine how a beast this thing would be if setting was changed. I was plenty happy with the std mode. Engine had less torque but way more hp and loved high rpm revs. Windshield was lower than super T which cause plenty of wind noise and buffeting. Wheel base was shorter and quite noticable on short distance bumps which cause the throttle jerky-jerky once in a while. Would be a good 1 up touring bike but again would need a few mods to be a hit for me. Dashboard was awesome! Nice and clear and very visible. 8.5 out of 10

    Venture TC time! At the very first ride, the ex rcmp leader had taken it. I told him that I would be on it last and he gave me a thumbs down...he did not like it at all. So I was thinking to myself that geez maybe trying all these bikes I will be getting on this bike and not enjoying it at all. I was even thinking of not riding it but I took the day off to try bikes and so I went on with it. As soon as I sat on the bike and started it, i started to smile. The 1900 engine is simply a great engine. Easy to maneover in parking lots and sounds great. Once taking off I felt right at home. All dashboard gauges are visible and controls are easy to use. The adjustable windshield is a nice item too. Pulling on the highway, I met its first flaw...the rev limiter....set around 4250rpm or so. Way too early compared to my 04 Roady. From that point on the rest of the ride was a dream. The seat, suspension, balance, wind protection and power are all in sync. A truely great bike in my mind I was totally surprised at the entire bike and how it rode. I was riding along FZ09 MT10 and FJRs thru speeds and twist like I was riding the same style bike they were....blew my mind on how well this bike handles. Feels so light upon takeoff and low speeds. Slow sharp turns are tricky but man this bike is a big one. As soon as the ride was over, i boogied inside to book again, but it was already booked. Shortly after the guy how booked backed out cause he felt the bike was way too big. I went back for another run and was and even better run!!!! Super great bike it blew all my expectations and initial thoughts of it. It is a 10 in my book all day long. A simple adjustment of the bars would of been better. The only thing i dis notice was the location of the mirrors. I could see a good portion of my hands and not a good view of the back of the bike. But that is the only thing I can comment on. Good chance I will be looking for one or an Eluder. Made too good of an impression on me to not act on it. I see why Kai split from Roadstars and enjoying his TC!

    Here are a few pics guys and my impressions of these fine bikes!

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    “Pulling on the highway, I met its first flaw...the rev limiter.”

    You just need to get past that mind set that these long stroke engines need to be wound out.

    Short shift that that sucker and use all the low end grunt it so desperately wants to disinter.


    • Jclevesque
      Jclevesque commented
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      Bikerron I was use to riding the first 2 bikes where they reved really high. After I got use to the sound of the engine at different revs I did shift before. It surprised me when it did hit I wasnt expecting it that early but a whole different bike than the first two. That engine sure does like to benin the 3 to 4000 range I do love that engine. I now know what the Roadliner and Stratoliner guys talk about!

    • Doc_V
      Doc_V commented
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      When I road the FZ09 it *literately* warped my perception of reality. I most definitely thought something was wrong my R* when I got back on it but it was just the FZ09.

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    I remember that triple when I rode the MT09 [I'm assuming it's the same motor] and those engine modes, holy crap, get it to trouble is right. I htink it was A-B-C mode, one was great for cruising around town, one was perfect for the highway and one was total wheelie mode! It was definitely jerky, especially in the twisty roads, where you want a smooth on/off throttle transition. Good to hear about the TC, be sure to post some more photos when you get your's home.


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      Did it hit the rev limit at the same rpm in Sport and in Cruise mode?


      • Jclevesque
        Jclevesque commented
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        I did not but was told that it changes the limiter to 3000 rpm by the Yamaha rep.

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      They have the Yamaha demo this Friday and Saturday locally and I want to ride the Venture and the Eluder both. Really curious to ride them. Might ride the SCR950 too.

      2000 Roadstar 1600 - BAK, Pumpless, Curt's manifold, Mikuni HSR42 Freedom Combat Pipes Jumbo Strong bags, PPG 'HellFire' Paint.


      • #6
        I'd love to ride that new Venture....but I'm afraid I'd want one too bad.

        Did they give prices? I assume you rode a new 2020 model? From another site it seems dealers are having a hard time moving them. I saw a Craigslist add for a dealer a couple hours away that has a new '18 TC for $18.5K. That's nearly $9K off retail. (unless it's just a ploy to get you in the door)


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