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  • Inquiring minds want to know!

    Here are multiple questions that have been eating at me for quite some time now so I'll just post them here. I need to gain some insight from you more experienced riders.

    1. When you use your mirrors, do you use mostly the left mirror or the right mirror? I'm thinking it might be related to which eye is most dominant or one's monkey spanking hand.

    2. When you fill up with gas, do you pull up with the gas pump on the right side of the bike where the gas cap is or do you sometimes pull up so that it is on the left so you can better read the display on the pump?

    3. When you wash your bike, do you add the detergent to the bucket first and then the water or the water first and then the detergent? Which produces more bubbles and a more vibrant shine on the paint?

    4. When parking your bike, do you keep your ignition key in the ignition or do you put it in your right pocket or your left pocket? Again, I think this might relate to hand dominance or extra curricular activities.

    5. When loading your saddlebacks, do you load objects starting with A through M in one bag and N through Z in the other bag? Or do you use some other logical method?

    6. When you want to buy another motorcycle, how do you convince your spouse or significant other that it's a good idea? Do you promise to do more housework or do you explain that they are lucky you are not wanting to spend more money on hookers and blow?

    7. When you have the opportunity to talk to a squid, do you make any sort of comment about their riding behavior or riding gear? If so, do you use supportive behavior affirming comments, outright criticism or humorous sarcasm to share your thoughts?

    I sincerely appreciate any insight you can give me.

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    OK, now You've pissed me off! Just kidding.

    1: Right
    2: Right
    3: I don't wash my bike. That's women's work.
    4: Right
    5: Don't use saddlebags. I have a car with a trunk.
    6: You're kidding, right? We can tell who wears the pants in your family.
    7: All of the above.

    Yea, you're a real commodian, Shores. Funnier than shit!


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      1) Use both pretty much equally.
      2) Pump is always on the right.
      3) Detergent first.
      4) Depends. If I know I'm gonna be nearby, I leave the key in the ignition. Otherwise the key always goes in my left front jean or jacket pocket.
      5) The left saddlebag holds the stuff I frequently need; water bottle, phone, etc. The right saddlebag holds a few tools, bungee cords & rain gear.
      6) Haven't tried in a long time. Getting the Road Star was pretty easy. I was riding an 800 Vulcan at the time and said a bigger bike would be more comfortable for both of us.
      7) If they haven't already taken one, I strongly urge them to take a riders course. I also tell them that riding a motorcycle is a lifelong learning experience; you can get good, but you can always be better. And ride defensively. Ride like everyone on the road is out to get them.


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        1. Use both equally
        2. Right 99.5% of the time. (In big groups you get it however you can)
        3. Detergent 1st
        4. Right pocket
        5. Left saddle bag gets the heavier objects as the pipes are on the right
        6. We discuss it pros and cons. Not sure about you but telling my wife at least I’m not spending the money on hookers and blow is not a valid reason as she wouldn’t be with me if I did……
        7. At one time we all were. Try to help as I’m sure we’ve all ran into the jackasses thinking they are better than you. Be positive not negative Shores….geez


        • Shores
          Shores commented
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          Aaron, same as me on the bags! I am positive Aaron! I usually do a supportive behavior affirmation! Yeah that's it!

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        1. Both
        2. Whichever pump is open
        3. No Detergent !! Waterless
        4. Any pocket works
        5. Load the bags evenly @7lbs. max
        6. I’m a Biker..nobody tells me what to do !
        7. A Stupid Quick Underdressed Imminently Dead ( Squid ) gets a boot up his ass
        cuz ..I’m Antisocial
        2009 Roady
        2009 Stratoliner S


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          1. Sinister, though I am dexter dominant, my wife tends to my monkey...
          2. Pump to the left so when I inevitably spill and it ignites on the hot exhaust, I don't end up in the burn unit.
          3. Detergent first, then ride in the rain but this is New Mexico so...
          4. Right pocket, next to the Glock on my belt
          5. Tacos on the right with the chips to stay warm, cervesas on the left with the limes and salsa
          6. I make her put her stuff in the OEM Silverado saddlebags...that's enough to make anyone endorse a new bike purchase. Hookers and blow?...I'm not related to anyone in the current administration
          7. Learn to ride well at low speeds, keep your eyes on the centerline when taking curves, maintain your positive brain to bike ratio...


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            1. Left mirror mostly. This way I can see who is approaching me from behind when spanking the monkey on the interstate.
            2. Right.
            3. I don't wash my bike often enough to honestly weigh in on this.
            4. Depends on which leg I've positioned my monkey.
            5. By urgency of accessibility. As a result, toilet paper is always towards the top.
            6. I've never been able to afford hookers and blow because I spend all my money on horsepower. She is used to it.
            7. Depends on the squid. I am always happy to offer insight if someone asks for it.


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     bikes don't run on gasoline...they run on Jack Daniels and Stripper Glitter....
              LET'S RIDE


              • Brad_G
                Brad_G commented
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              1. I use both evenly
              2. ether way, but I get off the bike to fuel
              3. Detergent first, I don't know why
              4.If I even remember my key it goes in my helmet
              5. Doesn't matter, I try to load evenly. If it won't fit in the bag I tie it on top. I try to keep it under 100 LB per bag
              6.I just do it and take the lashing
              7.I'm supportive and just hope they don't die before they figure it out,

              Had to take the crazy face away because I'm serious
              It's not that life is so short, it's just that you're dead for so long.---unknown.


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                1. Both
                2. Right
                3. Water first (and no harsh detergents)
                4. Left
                5. Load bags evenly
                6. Just do it
                7. I try not to have preconceived ideas about people, but generally avoid folks that are busy exercising stupidity.


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                  1. I use both mirrors… but i always look over my shoulder before i ever change lanes… i also try to be aware of the traffic around me in case i need an escape from some fool changing lanes into my lane…

                  2. whichever gas pump is convenient… i have no preference but lately i have been somewhat lazy… i try to fill the tank without ever dismounting the bike… yes.. i know… bad idea…!!

                  3. washing the bike… i use dawn dishwashing detergent.. just a little bit… like 1/2 teaspoon in a 2 gallon bucket… first add a little water to bucket… then add soap… then finish filling bucket without causing a lot of bubbles

                  4. Key always comes out of the ignition… generally in right front pocket since i am right handed but if i have change in my pocket… i drop it in my left front pocket

                  5. saddlebags… i have never really thought about it… and i have loaded up quite a bit of stuff from grocery store on the way to the boat…the roadstar holds a heck of a lot more than a goldwing…. Pic attached… that was one trip on the roadstar…about 7 miles to the boat with that load..

                  6. Tis better to ask forgiveness than it is to ask permission… of course it helps a lot to have seperate checkbooks and your own money… with my second bike.. she was silly enough to state “you are not going to be able to fit that in the garage”…

                  my reply… “Challenge Accepted”…!!!!!!

                  7. not sure the definition of a squid but i am going to guess it is a newbie rider… I make no comments unless asked… then i tell the fact based truth… sometimes they accept it… sometimes they get defensive about it…. I have no time to fix “STUPID”…


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                    1. both
                    2. right , thats where the cap is
                    3. NEVER USE SOAP, turtle wax between wax car wash, shopping bags over control boxws
                    4. key gets removed at work or away stops only, never at home
                    5. bags, cold stuff in left bag , hot over pipes,
                    6. a. Tis better to ask forgiveness than it is to ask permission
                    b. tell her its your life's ONLY passion.
                    C. tell her all 4 bikes, and 2 scooters dont add up to cost of her saintly brother in law's new HD.
                    d. tell her when u die, they are her cash in the bank
                    e. leave clues on possible computer of really expensive Harleys and Indians, than when you by a 3 or 4 K bike, its OK.
                    7. a. i always comment when colored shoes match the riding gear
                    b. all of the above (supportive behavior affirming comments, outright criticism or humorous sarcasm )
                    c. when i hear the "gotta have protection" re apparel, i remind them it may only help your skin, not your bones and bike. better to not rely on it.


                    • MidnightRide
                      MidnightRide commented
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                      7-c reminds me of the days back when, when carrying insurance on your rigs was an option, not mandatory. Without insurance, you made damned-well-sure that you kept your nose clean. Even today, we only carry liability insurance on our rigs. Seems the deer like to flaunt that vulnerability; they've modified two of our vehicles now... They've earned our respect.

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                    Are you writing a book and/or have OCD?
                    2012 Road Star Silverado S


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