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    hello brothers of the Road,
    Just thought i would start up a challange of who has the largest number of bikes that they have gone through in their bike history, this includes dirt bikes ,sport and touring. i will start but i know i dont stand a chance. we can debate if trikes should be included

    1. 1992 kawasaki 454 Ltd
    2. 1994 Kawasaki 750 Ltd
    3. 2000 yamaha 1100 v-star
    4 2005 yamaha Road Star Silverado 1700

    Four excellent machines that served me well

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    Well, I've had a few but sure that a lot of bikers has had more.
    I learned to ride a bicycle at the age of 4, then you couldn't keep me off of bicycles. At 13 my dreams came true with the SL-70. The rest is history.

    1. Honda SL-70
    2. Honda Trail-90
    3. Elsinore CR-125
    4. Suzuki RM-250
    5. Husqvarna CR-250, My Motorcross bike.
    5.5 Hodaka Super Rat 100, Hodaka sponsorship with Motorcross.
    6. Yamaha TT-500
    7. Yamaha TW-200
    8. Harley Sporster 883
    9., 10., & 11. Yamaha (3) 1600 Road Stars, and addicted to all 3 of them.


    • twowheeltherapy
      twowheeltherapy commented
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      Age 4? Yep, this is a testament to once you get bit by the bug, there's no denying it, nothing you can do to stop it, destiny is set!

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    Duke you have been around the block more than once


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      what are your feelings of the Husqvarna


      • Duke
        Duke commented
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        Out of all of the dirt bikes I had, the Husky was one bike I could just throw into the garage and when I was ready to ride again, it was ready to go. Low maintenance, very reliable, and was the best dirt bike I had. Although that Honda SL-70 was a damn good bike too.

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      1. Honda 185 three wheeler
      2. 74 Suzuki BT185
      3. 75 Honda 360
      4. 72 BSA Chopper
      5. 87 Honda TRX250X Quad
      6. 86 Honda 250R quad
      7. 89 Honda 250R Quad -This had a couple build ups, upped CC to 310 and then 350
      8. 2000 Honda 400EX quad - still have
      9. 2006 Custom chassis XR650R quad - Still Have
      10. 2008 Kawasaki 450R quad - Still have
      11. 2008 Kawasaki Teryx UTV
      12. 2011 Polaris XP900 UTV
      13. 2018 Arctic Cat Wildcat XX UTV - Still have
      14. 2000 Roadstar 1600 - Still have
      15. 2005 HD Sportster 883 Custom - just bought
      I got out of street riding around '86 and back into it 5 years ago now. We still love the off road toys though!
      2000 Roadstar 1600 - BAK, Pumpless, Curt's manifold, Mikuni HSR42 Freedom Combat Pipes Jumbo Strong bags, PPG 'HellFire' Paint.


      • Shores
        Shores commented
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        What the hell? A tiny sportster?

      • Ahodge75
        Ahodge75 commented
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        Please tell us you bought the sportster because it was so cheap that you couldn’t pass it up and you are resealing it to put the money towards a real bike the Roadstar

      • Jaybo
        Jaybo commented
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        Yes it was dirt cheap, $1900, and it's for my kid who has expressed an interest in learning to ride. It's the custom model so it has a 4.5 gallon tank and forward controls so it isn't cramped. If he likes riding it would work for awhile until he wants a little bigger.

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      Well my parents (Mother) did not like motorcycles so I started late……

      1978 Honda CB500 all dressed out mini gold wing style…..
      1983 Yamaha 750 SECA…..scary fast fun bike…..
      then out of the motorcycle world for a bit got divorced and 1st thing I bought my
      2001 Roadstar 1600…….


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          1: Yam 250 virago (first vehicle)
          2: Yam xvs650A (second vehicle)
          3: 2000 Yam xv1600a (hopefully soon, been in lockdown here for 1 month and i was going to pick it up the day after lockdown started... )

          Heres some pics of the 650:


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            1. 1950ish Puch or Sach, small cc
            2. 1960ish 305 Honda Scrambler
            3. Some year Honda Elsinore dirt bike that I traded for a racing cart that I never rode
            4. 1972 CB450 Honda that I chopped with a Santee weld on hardtail
            5. 2000 Yamaha V-Star 650 Classic
            6. Current 2008 Yamaha Roadstar Silverado

            Click image for larger version

Name:	E680C1D8-C470-4130-9F2A-0EBCB34F83CD.jpeg
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Size:	15.8 KB
ID:	129084


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              1. 1977 Yamaha XS 650 cafe racer
              2. 2004 Yamaha Roadstar
              3. 1983 Yamaha XS650 bobber full rebuild
              4. 2015 Skidoo Renegade 1200 4 stroke.
              5. Future side x side (undecided make and model)
              Both XS 650’s are gone.


              • #11
                7 yamahas in garage now... Owned 6 other Yamahas I've sold... All since 2014...never even sat on a bike until I was about 45 years old.
                LET'S RIDE


                • Ahodge75
                  Ahodge75 commented
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                  It definitely showed at Starfest…………lol…..sorry couldn’t resist bud…..

              • #12
                1966 Honda Dream 300
                1971 Honda 350 (Hardtail chopped) I owned it twice.
                1974 Yamaha 175 Enduro
                1977 Yamaha XS750
                2-Honda Elsinore 125's
                1966 Kawasaki W-1 650
                1971 Harley sprint 300
                1976 Honda Goldwing GL1000
                2009 Yamaha 650 custom
                2007 Roadstar 110 cu in Big Bore.


                • #13
                  1966 Honda S65
                  1967 Suzuki 120 B100P
                  1970 Triumph 250 Trophy
                  1969 Kawasaki 500 H1
                  1973 Yamaha DT360 Enduro
                  1976 Harley Davidson Super Glide Bicentennial Edition
                  1998 Honda Valkyrie F6
                  2003 Kawasaki Vulcan 800 Classic
                  2006 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom
                  2003 Yamaha Road Star
                  2003 Yamaha Road Star


                  • #14
                    Started riding when I was tall enough to touch the ground on Dad's Honda SL-175. Rode the shit out of that thing all summer long. But living in the country there wasn't anything else to do.

                    1973 Honda SL-175
                    1978 Suzuki GS400
                    1982 Suzuki GS750T (bought brand new in '83 when I graduated HS)
                    --- Couple decade break, life, small kids, etc. ---
                    1982 Suzuki GS550L (to see if I still enjoyed riding)
                    2008 Yamaha Road Star


                    • Duke
                      Duke commented
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                      It sounds like me, living in Kayenta, Az., Monument Valley. At that time, it was the most remote Post Office in the lower US. I could ride for miles in any direction, and must have ridden over a thousand mile on that SL-70.

                    • Brad_G
                      Brad_G commented
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                      Duke, we lived in a small housing development. Our house/driveway was on the county road but the development road ran beside it and looped around, back to the county road about a 1/4 mile away. According to the odometer it was right at 1 mile from my drive riding around the development loop back to my drive. My grandfather also had some cattle pastures adjacent I would ride through. I know one summer I put over 1,000 miles on that bike. That's a hell of a lot of times around the development. I'm sure the neighbors hated me. Especially on those rare occasions I thought it fun to pull the muffler off and think it was a Harley riding around.

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                    1976 Suzuki A100 GO-FER (And yes, it actually had a picture of a grinning gopher on the side panel that my brother and I peeled that off the first day)
                    1977 Yamaha XS360
                    1982 Honda CB450 Nighthawk
                    2001 Yamaha Road Star
                    2001 Yamaha Road Star

                    Click image for larger version  Name:	1976 Suzuki A100A Go-fer.jpg Views:	1 Size:	84.7 KB ID:	129077


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                      Click image for larger version  Name:	F5E67536-4E73-44D7-A248-E9054F7CD471.jpeg Views:	1 Size:	66.3 KB ID:	129082

                      Starting in ‘58 (I was eight) sitting on the tank of my brother’s ‘51 barrel spring Cushman Eagle. He’d get it rolling and, on command, I got to shift it (2-sp tank shifter) into high gear. I could barely reach the bars, but I managed to keep it going straight. Rated @ 5hp I was on a rocket! Braking was his department. Fun stuff!

                      Learned all over in ‘65 on a friend’s Honda Sport 50, so….

                      In 1966 I bought a Honda Super 90. Broke my right leg on that thing. That pretty much grounded me from bikes until I moved out and got married.

                      She hated motorcycles, as well, but was given a TS-125 not running. Easy fix and kept it around for camping and beach trips.

                      Then, in ‘78 I was able to talk her into letting me purchase a ‘78 Yamaha SR500E. Thumper, was her name and I rode it everywhere. White Bros. made some cool aftermarket parts for it.

                      Jump ahead to 2010 and found a Yamaha 1988 Route 66 for cheap that had been stored for 20 years. New tires and cleaned the carb, slapped some bags on it and shined it up. Rode it to work for 4 years. Never missed a beat and got 90+ MPG.

                      2013 I upgraded to the 2009 Roadie sporting 1,700 miles I own now. It’ll be my last bike.


                      • #17
                        82 Honda CB 750
                        86 KZ1000
                        97 Valkyrie Tourer
                        99 Valkyrie Interstate
                        03 HD FLHDPI Electraglide
                        01 Valkyrie Interstate
                        99 Roadstar Sliverado
                        02 VTX
                        08 Roadstar Silverado


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                          '72 Kawasaki 350 Big Horn
                          "74 Honda CL350 (stolen)
                          '75 Honda CB 450
                          '75 Honda CB400 Four
                          '76 Honda CB 550 Four
                          '81 Honda CB 900F (first NEW bike)
                          '86 Honda VF 700 Saber (still have it, it hasn't run since '96, parts to repair hard to find)
                          '05? Yamaha 650 Classic
                          '06(/) Yamaha 950T
                          '07 Yamaha 1700 Road Star Midnight Silverado ( totalled after only owning it 48 days) '07 Yamaha Road Star 1700 (still in use)
                          '15 Yamaha XVS1300CT ( still in use)


                          • #19
                            Honda 450 Bought wrecked and rebuilt with used parts back when I was young and virile.
                            Kawasaki 750
                            Honda 750
                            Roadstar 1600 I have had this one the longest.
                            With enough beer you can do anything...D.Pate


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                              OK, Here goes:

                              '71 Suzuki 50
                              '72 Yamaha DT 80
                              '75 yamaha 360 Champion
                              '72 Honda 750
                              '80 Yamaha xs 400
                              '80 Yamaha IT 175
                              '79 Yamaha MX 250
                              '76 H-D XLH Sportster
                              '72 Bultaco Pursang 250
                              '72 Triumph Bonneville 650
                              '58 Indian (Royal Enfield) 650
                              '80 XLH Sportster
                              '70 Triumph 500
                              '74 H-D FLH 1200
                              '84 H-D FXRP Police special
                              '71 Cotton 175 Trials
                              '72 Suzuki 750 Water Buffalo
                              '80 Kawasaki 440
                              '72 BMW R90/6 900
                              '81 Honda Twinstar 200
                              '81 Honda CX 650 Silverwing
                              '72 Hodaka Ace 100 ( 2 of them)
                              '71 BMW R65 650
                              '74 Norton 750 Command
                              '65 BSA A-65 650
                              '49 H-D EL Panhead 1000cc
                              '72 H-D FXE Superglide
                              '84 H-D XLR Roadster
                              '58 H-D XLCH Sportster
                              '85 BMW K1000 RS
                              '00 Yamaha 650 Classic V-Star
                              '01 Yamaha 650 Custom V-Star
                              '81 Honda Goldwing 1100
                              '49 Puch 50cc
                              '99 Suzuki 650 Savage
                              '01 Honda Shadow 700
                              '03 Kawasaki Drifter 800
                              '01 H-D Softtail
                              '99 H-D FLHSTU Ultra Glide
                              '99 Triumph Tiger 900
                              '00 Triumph Trophy 1200
                              '05 Victory Touring Cruiser
                              06 Yamaha Roadstar 1700

                              I'm sure I left some out.

                              Remembered a few more.

                              '90 Ducati 906 Paseo. This one I kept for a couple years. Got a ticket on it in New Mexico. Can't believe I forgot it, I loved that bike.
                              '74 Montesa Scorpion 250
                              '75 Honda CB 550
                              '78 Yamaha XS 650


                              • Duke
                                Duke commented
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                                Looks like FB has left us in the dirt. He has been around the block hundreds of times. Love to hear all the stories.

                              • EnergyGuy
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                              • twowheeltherapy
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                                I was hoping you'd chime in, PB. I knew you'd win the golden chain award!
                                And to think, every bike has a story!!

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