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Repository for all long term Technical Articles on the Road Star Clinic. The list is quite long, so we encourage you to use the site search if you know what you are looking for. You can search for individual words (ie:carburetor, tire, etc...) or short terms (searches are full text for each article).

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  • Trim your Windshield: A Cut Above

    Trim your Windshield: A Cut Above

    Reprinted by Permission from Mr Tidy's Tech Tips

    So you ordered the wrong height windshield, and now you have to sit on a pillow to see over the top? Well good friend, let's try to fix that.
    Following is a method we all can use to cut down the height of our windshield , and still make it look "Factory Fresh".
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  • Bucks Sideshields, "A nice add-on"

    Bucks Sideshields, "A nice add-on"

    Reprinted by Permission from Mr Tidy's Tech Tips

    I think we all enjoy riding in comfort. Check out the number of accessories that are available which increase rider comfort. Windshields, lowers (especially Bucks!), handgrips, saddles, floorboards and foot pegs, better helmets and clothing. Yes, we enjoy comfort while riding our bikes.

    Let me offer a suggestion for a fairly inexpensive, do-it-your-self item that offers a good degree of increased comfort,...
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  • Removing the Roadstar gas tank

    Removing the Roadstar gas tank

    Reprinted by Permission from

    One rider tells how he removed the tank on his Roadstar.

    The tank is pretty easy to remove... The hardest part of removing it was unplugging one of the meter assembly coupler plugs.

    The "meter assembly" is a fancy name for the chrome piece on top of your tank that holds the spedometer. First, you remove the 3 hex bolts from the meter assembly. If you don't have a windshield, you can probably just flip...
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  • How to get rid of the rattle in the tank

    How to get rid of the rattle in the tank

    Reprinted by Permission from Fatbike

    Ixnay the Attleray

    If your like most of us you've noticed right away that the gas tank seems to rattle from the rear of the tank.
    Although there are many fixes out there, some may cause problems later.
    In an effort to keep the stock mounting parts stock the following fix is suggested:

    Simply remove the nut from the long bolt that holds the tank to the frame. (Located at the rear of the tank. Remove the seat and...
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  • Harley Fairing on the Road Star

    Harley Fairing on the Road Star

    Have you ever wished that Yamaha had made the Road Star with an optional Fairing like the one available on a Harley Davidson dresser? Well you can add one yourself and it is not that hard to do. There is probably a dozen different ways to go about mounting this fairing on the bike. This is just the way that I did it. I’m sure there are things that I have forgotten or overlooked, so I’ll apologize up front for that.This is not a mod that you should be in a hurry with. You will be doing a lot...
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  • Reinforce the Rear Fender

    Reinforce the Rear Fender

    Reprinted by Permission of

    There has been a lot of talk about the rear fender cracking on our Road Stars. I have posted on the Road Star Riders forum a few time on how I reinforced my rear fender to stop the cracks. The way Delphi works now, it's not easy for the new guys to see the older posts. I thought you might want to post the instructions( and maybe polish up the wording a little) on how to reinforce the rear fender your site. It's a very easy mod to do and...
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  • How to Remove and Lower the Rear Fender

    How to Remove and Lower the Rear Fender

    The object of this article is to explain how to "lower" the rear fender on a Road Star. What you are actually doing is "lowering" the tail of the fender by "rolling" the entire fender on its pivot point. You do this by modifying the lower front subframe mounts, which bolt into the frame below the seat in the vicinity of the tool pouch area.

    Start by removing the rear fender/subframe assembly. This is a simple task, and should only take a few minutes to...
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