Here are some common issues that bring many new members to the forum searching for a solution.
  1. The 99 - 03 Roadstars have a transmission recall out. It is a safety recall and Yamaha will repair the problem at no cost you. A cir-clip in the trans can come loose and lock the trans up. The engine has to be torn down to fix it. Contact any dealer local to you and give them the VIN number and they can check the database and tell you if the recall has been done. If it hasn't been done then have them do it. You don't have to be the original owner. Any question just open a new thread and we will give you more information.
  2. The front pulley nut on the Roadstars are known to back off from reverse torque. The 99 - 05 models have a tab washer that has one tab bent over the nut. It doesn't hold very well and the nut can back off. The 06 and newer they did away with the tab washer and put a conical washer under the nut and changed the nut to have a flange that is staked into a channel on the shaft. It is also found not to hold very well on some but is better than the older tabbed version. If the nut comes off you will not be able to move the bike under its own power. The splines in the front pulley and the output shaft can be stripped. There is no recall on this and it is up to you to check and fix it. If you want more information on this open a thread and we will answer your question.
  3. The gas smell after a ride on a hot day (known as gas spuke) is cause but the float bowl being under pressure and the cure is twofold
    • Shut off the fuel pet-cock a block or so from you destination
    • Go Pumpless
  4. "Happy Roadstar tail wag". You can see the rear fender "wag" from side to side while idling. Over time the sheet metal will crack. It's only cosmetic but still an issue. Read the tech article like Aussie John recommended, to learn how to brace the fender and prevent it from cracking.
  5. The seat can become difficult to remove after a while, be sure to cheek the mounting bolts for the latch under the seat. They can become loose and it makes it near impossible to remove the seat.
  6. Check the screws in the bottom of your gas cap… they can come loose and you're gas cap can come flying off in to about 20 pieces, with half of them ending up in the tank.
  7. If your handle bars wobble or the front end feels loose in the turns, check the neck bearings to see if they need to be tightened or replaced. Easiest way to find out if it is the bearings; raise the bike and perform a flop test. If it bounces off the tank, time to check the bearings.
  8. Check your tire pressure (40 rear 38 front) and CHECK THE TIRE WEAR. If the tire is over 7 years old, it's junk. If it's AT the wear bars, it's junk. If there are anycracks in the sidewall, it's junk. If it's a Dunlop 404 it's junk. If it's an original fitment ANYTHING it's junk.
  9. Do NOT be tempted to turn the idle way down to get that loping potato potato sound. (Potatoes go with Bacon ) For proper head oiling at hot idle, carb operation, and stator charging, your idle should be around 900 rpm.
  10. If your bike is 2001 or earlier, CHECK THE OIL PUMP GEAR. If it isn't the upgraded gear with the thicker shaft, replace it. Do NOT assume if the tranny recall was done that the oil pump gear was replaced. The recall was done on my bike prior to my purchase (I purchased it used), but they did NOT upgrade the oil pump gear. If the oil pump gear breaks, your motor may burn out.
  11. If your bike is 2003 or earlier, do the Starter Spin fix in the tech section. Don't wait for it to fail.
  12. If your bike seems to bottom out to easily especially when riding two up, check the preload on the shock/spring. The stock Roadie springs are weak, and it leads to premature damper failure. Check the mounts where the shock connects to the frame. if the get beat enough because of a bad damper, or insufficient preload, the mount will break at the frame. It can be welded.
  13. If the fuel pump fails, you can run the bike with a piece of 5/16 fuel line from the petcock to the carb. It will work just fine, until you can get home. It will run, without the pump. If your keeping the pump, carry the fuel line and whatever to remove the clamps, on the bike, just in case.
  14. Do yourselves a favor. Run something like Seafoam, Techron, MMO, etc., in your fuel. The pilot circuit is small, and this ounce or two of prevention every other tank, is worth a pound of cure. Never put your bike away for the winter, without adding a good stabilizer to the fuel, and circulating it through the carb.
  15. The Roadies have two oil drain plugs. One by the kickstand, and the other on the bottom of the oil tank. When doing a proper oil change including filter, just put 4 quarts back. Put two in, and replace the dipstick and screw it in. Start the bike, and let it run for about 10 seconds or so. Shut the bike off, and add the other two quarts. Button it up and forget about it. If you want to check your oil, there is a particular method, that involves the bike being upright, the motor warm, and a little time to let the oil settle. There is a vid on here somewhere that shows how. Unless the bike is leaking, or noticeably using oil, it should be fine, until the next oil change.
  16. If the bike is new to you, and your unsure of the maintenance, then change your fluids first thing. The Roadies require the proper levels of ZDDP in the engine oil, and a wet clutch type of oil. Amzoil and Mobil 1, both have the proper ZDDP levels. Many here use Mobil 1 20/50. If you run in cooler climes, and or colder weather, the 10/40 will be a better choice, for cold starts when the temps fall into the 30's.
  17. Just because the battery says its maintenance free doesn't mean ignore it. Check the terminals regularly for cleanliness and make sure they are tight. High amperage draw during starting needs all the contact surface provided, otherwise things get hot quick. Notice that's molten lead that dripped from excessive heat.
  18. Don't run off the road, don't hit anyone else, don't brake hard while turning and then down shift hard or you may lose the ass end, don't light a match to see how much gas is in the tank, don't text while riding, don't ride on the shoulder where all the debris and nails are, don't ride intoxicated, don't drive wearing flip flops, don't crap your pants when an animal runs out in front of you, don't pick up hookers. Basically don't be stupid...