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  • Check your float bowl level

    Check your float bowl level

    Float Adjustment Procedure

    Some symptons of a too high level are,
    • The choke does not work properly.
    • You'll see liquid spitting in the end of the exhaust after initial start up.
    • The carbon deposit will not be uniform and you'll see streaks or liquid stains.
    • Your exhaust pipes are eternally black no matter what you set your jetting at.

    Use a good set of needle nose vise grips to break the tightness of the screws that hold the float bowl to the carburetor body. Others have...
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  • Bulldogs Carb Jetting Primer - How to Dial it in

    Bulldogs Carb Jetting Primer - How to Dial it in

    David is a Technical Moderator, for Baron's Custom Accessories Technical Forum

    I thought I would explain basic carb and jetting functions so everyone could better understand how it all works.

    These carbs have two primary fuel circuits; the slow/pilot circuit and the main circuit, which have several parts or components that will effect the mixture at different throttle positions. There are 4 throttle positions that are used to determine what component is effecting the mixture....
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  • Adjustable PMS for the Road Star

    Adjustable PMS for the Road Star

    Disclaimer: I am not responsible for you screwing up your ride, yourself or someone else by you making this modification. This is what I did and it works OK for me. Don’t blame me if you are a D.A (and I don’t mean district attorney) because you trashed your carburetor or set yourself on fire with the soldering iron from the gas you did not empty from the carb.

    Tools and Materials Used:
    • - Soldering iron
    • - Solder - I used silver solder because it is stiffer. It is available at your
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  • Change the Float Bowl Needle Valve (and lose your fuel pump)

    Change the Float Bowl Needle Valve (and lose your fuel pump)


    Reason for changing the STOCK needle float valve set

    I own a 2000 Silverado, and love this bike. Shortly after I had the bike broken in, I decided to see what our rides could do flat out. Well at just under 100MPH, the bike stuttered a bit and began missing. I attributed that to the “REV LIMITER” kicking in. To make a long story short, this spring, still with the same bike, but now with Samson Shogun 2 ¼ inch full pipe system and...
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  • Choke knob trim

    Choke knob trim

    This is something you can try if you are running rich or have poor mileage and you can’t seem to solve the problem no matter what you do. It isn’t meant to take the place of a proper float level, correct jetting, and a well sealed system. This will not solve problems caused by running the wrong grade of gas or lugging the motor. It is simply meant to be an additional tool. It has been done on enough bikes to make me believe that everyone should just go ahead and do it.

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