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  • Finding Intake Manifold Air Leaks

    Finding Intake Manifold Air Leaks

    David is a Technical Moderator, for Baron's Custom Accessories Technical Forum

    Your engine had been running fine. Recently it has started running poorly or backfiring, maybe when its warm, maybe when its cold or sometimes the problem just seems to come and go. The problem shows signs of both a rich and lean running carburetor. You have done the obvious like change jets, replace spark plugs, check plug wires and replace your air filter element, but the problem persists. You and your...
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  • Porting The Stock Manifold

    Porting The Stock Manifold

    Reprinted by Permission from Mr Tidy's Tech Tips

    (While Waiting For Greg's Manifold)
    Its not rocket science !
    Its really very simple - if you have the proper tool !!

    You need a variable speed Dremel tool with a course sandpaper covered cylinder that is about ½" in diameter. I use the one that came as part of the Dremel kit. Use the low speed setting. This tool really "Hog's" off the rubber! Take it SLOW AND EASY !!! At least the first time....
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  • Road Star Clinic Ported Manifold FAQ

    Road Star Clinic Ported Manifold FAQ

    What is porting?
    Porting is a term used to label the process whereby we decrease a manifold’s resistance to air/mix flow into the engines intake ports. On a Road Star, this process generally addresses the “T” junction in the stock manifold where the input from the carburetor meets the output tubes (or runners) to the individual heads. The stock Road Star manifold is literally the joining of two rubber tubes, including right angle junctions which can be radiused to smooth airflow and...
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  • Install the Nemesis Manifold

    Install the Nemesis Manifold

    With all the hulla-balloo lately on The Road Star Riders Forum about the issues involved mounting a stock airbox with K&N BAK and Nemesis Racing manifold, I decided to write a document to show ya’ll how easy it is to not only install the manifold but to make it work without a big deal using your stock airbox. The included parts list allowed for a perfect fit on my personal 2002 Road Star and should fit yours too. This document assumes you already have your bike stripped down to the point you...
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