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One rider tells how he removed the tank on his Roadstar.

The tank is pretty easy to remove... The hardest part of removing it was unplugging one of the meter assembly coupler plugs.

The "meter assembly" is a fancy name for the chrome piece on top of your tank that holds the spedometer. First, you remove the 3 hex bolts from the meter assembly. If you don't have a windshield, you can probably just flip the meter assembly over your handlebars and let it hang (using a towel or blanket to protect any chrome or paint it might be hanging on). If you DO have a windshield like I do, you will probably want to disconnect the 2 plugs and completely remove the meter assembly and set it aside.

Once you have the meter assembly out of the way, you'll notice a little "stem" protruding from the top front of the fuel tank with a hose connected to it. This is the "fuel tank breather hose", and you'll need to go ahead and disconnect it from the "stem" on the tank. You'll also have to disconnect the fuel hose from the fuel petcock (make sure it is set to "OFF" before you do this!). Another note about disconnecting the fuel hose -- there will most likely be a little fuel left in the hose, so have a towell ready to let this drain into once you disconnect it.

Now, if you haven't already removed the rider seat, go ahead and do that now... under the seat, near the back of the tank, you'll see a green wiring harness. This is called the "fuel sender coupler", and you need to disconnect this as well.

Now, there is one long bolt near the back of the tank... remove this bolt, and the tank will be ready to remove. To remove the tank, slide it back towards the rear of the bike. You should be able to feel when you have pulled it back far enough to pull it up and off the bike... Mail comments suggestions and or pictures to Staff