Reprinted by Permission from Fatbike

Ixnay the Attleray

If your like most of us you've noticed right away that the gas tank seems to rattle from the rear of the tank.
Although there are many fixes out there, some may cause problems later.
In an effort to keep the stock mounting parts stock the following fix is suggested:

Simply remove the nut from the long bolt that holds the tank to the frame. (Located at the rear of the tank. Remove the seat and you'll see it!)
Now insert rubber washers, aprox 1/16" thick between the tank bracket and the frame bracket while threading the bolt back through the brackets and the bolt collar. (See illustration.) One on each side will do the job.

Tighten everything down and you are done.

This method is preferred over shortening the bolt and collar, primarily because the design by Yamaha calls for the tank to "float" somewhat. They didn't take into account the noise factor however. The rubber washer will allow some movement, while quelling the noise.
Total time: 10 minutes (5 minutes with practice...) Just remember that they are there when you remove the tank or you'll be chasing those buggers all over the garage!

It's really that simple!