Our Mission


The Roadstar Clinic mission


The Road Star Clinic serves as a repository for all acquirable information about the Yamaha Road Star motorcycle. We seek to fulfill the role of Library and Archive for this global community of riders. Our goal is to disseminate this information to as many riders as we can reach.

The Road Star Clinic is a community service. It is offered in the same spirit of rider helping rider that has defined riding communities for as long as any of us can remember.

About the Clinic:

  • The clinic was formed in response to the need for a central repository, and to provide the technical expertise needed to create a place of gathering, education and maximum benefit for all riders.
  • The clinic is not a “profit” vehicle. Funds collected here go into a general operating fund, which the clinic uses to pay its bills. Excess funds are used to upgrade services for our members and to acquire new capabilities for the clinic.
  • Technical information, archived here in the form of tech tips and articles, empowers riders by allowing them to make informed decisions regarding the care, upkeep and customization of this tremendous motorcycle. Use of this website, and access to this information are subject to the terms and conditions listed in our Terms of Service. You can find a link to our terms of service in the footer of our home page.
  • All are welcome here regardless of affiliation or association. This is neutral territory. Please take off your colors, and drape them over your arms as a gesture of respect for the neutrality of the clinic while you are here.
  • We view our work as something of a public trust. Other riders have entrusted us with this body of work, with the intent of helping fellow riders of similar interest and circumstance. All have been provided, licensed, and/or granted to us without cost. This is a noble trust, one we honor and protect.

If you have a question about the clinic, or a suggestion on how we can improve it, please contact us via the "Contact Us" option on our main menu.